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Animal Crossing Spin-offs is now open

Hello everyone, this is glowingleaf, the same author of the blog entries from Town of StarFall. This site is going to be about the two upcoming spin-off games of the Animal Crossing series, Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival. After over 12 years of Animal Crossing in the US, Nintendo came out with two spin-offs that are going to be released between September and December. Just letting you know, this site is not affiliated with Nintendo. It’s just a fansite about both ACHHD and ACaF. I’ll be uploading pictures, talking about how I experienced the games, and even share some ideas that I either blogged on Town of StarFall or never blogged about at all.

Now I’m going to go over some brief introduction. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since I was 10, back in the GameCube days of Animal Crossing. It was mostly an unheard of until the Wild World days. For a while, it was worth playing a lot, but it wasn’t as fun as there are limited features. It wasn’t until Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out. That game is the AC series at their best. Even if it won’t outsell Wild World, it was the most popular game of the Animal Crossing series, and it resulted in having two spin-off series. I played ACNL at launch, but I created my most famous town one year after launch – StarFall. I wanted to share my town and how it was made. Even though I was sticking to the New Leaf community of GameFAQs, I never joined a public AC fansite until about a year ago. I was a member of the Bell Tree Forums as Apple2012. The Bell Tree Forums is the largest Animal Crossing fansite. It has discussions about Animal Crossing’s games, discussions of other Nintendo games, and even their own Wi-Fi and trading boards. They even have some special features. One of them was the forum currency, where every time someone posts, they earn bells from their posts. They can also earn it when someone gives them bells. They would do this for collectibles, art, in-game items, or even in giveaways and contests. Another special feature was collectibles, little pixel boxes displaying nifty things under the avatar. Collectibles can range from generic collectibles like cakes, the five fruits from Animal Crossing, and even seasonal items such as the TBT Fair, Halloween, and birthstones. Some could be gifted, sold, or traded, and some could not. Some you can have more than one, some you can have only one. Some are sold all year, and some are only sold at a specific time. The last special feature was the Wi-Fi ratings, where people can rate and review other members and how trustful they are when it comes to trading. A high Wi-Fi rating meant that the user was a good Samaritan, followed the rules of the other member, actually made the trade correctly, and played fair. A low Wi-Fi rating meant that someone is a troublemaker or suspicious user when playing AC online. They could be due to not trading correctly, or not even giving anything in return at all (scamming). They could have also destroyed others’ towns, abused their guests, or talking inappropriately. Also, if the Wi-Fi ratings were abused, the staff can take them down.

For one year, I was a member of Bell Tree Forums. I shared my game ideas and my town on my blog there. I was originally there to share my QR codes, town, and game ideas, but I had an extended stay due to collectibles and other site features. As of June 2015, I no longer play ACNL after having a good two years of play. I had some good times on the site by enjoying the events and collectible trade. At the same time, I had some bad times too. Somewhere very late in my membership, Nintendo has announced the two AC Spin-offs this site is going to be about. One of them was a spin-off series going in-depth about the interior design feature, which extends one of my favorite features from the beginning of Animal Crossing. It is made for the 3DS and new 3DS. The other was an Animal Crossing themed Mario Party dealing with amiibos. It is made for the Wii U. Both games would allow use of amiibo cards or figurines. I know there hasn’t been a regular Animal Crossing game in a while, but I do agree that there should be some sort of spin-offs.

Anyway, the introduction is over. I hope you enjoy reading through my entries on the spin-off series.


2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Spin-offs is now open

  1. Nicely done, but I’d slightly word the “most popular” line for New Leaf to “highest rated” since technically popularity is based on sales, and it won’t reach Wild Word’s sales. It’s still a fantastic game, and by far the best of the series, too bad you only got 2 years, I’m in year 3, and probably will call it quits like you did in June this coming June. At that point I’ll have done everything- or at least everything I wanted to do.


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