amiibo Festival

amiibo Festival: Here’s what we know

What do you get when you have a huge virtual board game, using the same concept as Skylanders and Disney Infinity, with less action figures, and placed under the Animal Crossing motif? You get this game. This is the other spin-off announced from the last E3, and it’s coming soon in the winter of 2015-2016. It may not be a customization game like ACHHD and ACNL, but I may post experiences I have with this game as soon as it comes out.

When this game was first announced at the E3, people were disappointed in this game, mainly because it’s not a regular AC game like what people wanted. They’re even trashing it from the very beginning while they’re still talking about if there will be a proper game for the Wii U in the Animal Crossing Franchise. I can understand that they’re upset that this isn’t the game they’re looking for, but I’m not going to rate right now. Not only it’s not even out, but I knew better than to not judge before I play. That, and I don’t believe in hating a game because of the reason why haters of this game, which is because this was not a proper AC game, and it’s being for the Wii U. I understand why, but AC does need some spin-offs. Super Mario series had a whole bunch of spin-off series that were huge. Pokemon had Pokemon Snap and a few others. Donkey Kong had some games where you play the bongos along with the notes. So why not Animal Crossing. I also remembered that even before the E3, people were already judging the other spin-off (Happy Home Designer), saying that it was bad. I don’t say so. That game, judging by the looks, is just as bad as lantern that can glow in only one light color (don’t all lanterns do this by the way?), which means that it’s not that bad at all. Even I thought amiibo Festival was good.

Aside to the criticism, here’s what we know about this AC-themed Mario Party with the Skylanders’ concept:

  • Playable Characters are animals – this time, we won’t be using customizable human characters like we did in the past many games, as well as the other spin-off. Instead, we will be playing animal characters for the first time.
  • Each move equals one day – now this is very interesting. Each time you make a move, like move one space or six spaces, you pass one day. So let’s say that you land on a Sunday space. You can buy turnips. In the next few moves, you can sell them for more Bells. And I’m not even sure about this, but I think the board game has the four seasons. I’ll have to wait until later to here more about this, but for now, this is a mystery.
  • You can play as any character, not just one of the eight – although only eight figures will be made for this game (Isabelle, Tom Nook, Digby, Lottie, KK Slider, Reese, Cyrus, Mabel), you can also scan amiibo cards to play this game.
  • There are mini-games – not the mini-games like Mario Party, but more like Island Tours from New Leaf. Let’s say that there’s a fishing tourney. You can win the fishing tourney for more bells. Again, there’s not enough information, so if you like to add some info, feel free to leave a comment.

There aren’t much info to go over as of now since no version has been released, but when the game comes, there will be more info. Hopefully, it’s not as disappointing as Little Big Planet Karting was to the LBP series.


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