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My Animal Crossing Spin-off ideas

As we all know, there are two spin-off games from the Animal Crossing franchise coming to the stores this year. One on them, like we all know, is an enhancement on one of the core features of Animal Crossing while the other is a completely different type of game that’s still under the AC Franchise. Outside the franchise, the villager (human character in AC) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros since the Wii days. Also, Mario Kart 8 is the first Mario Kart game to have characters outside the Mario franchise (even though Donkey Kong has his own franchise). There were four racers in Mario Kart 8 that didn’t appear in the Mario Series. Three of them were Animal Crossing characters, while two of the three were the same character, but different genders (which is the human). So this series has gotten popular and extended a bit beyond the AC franchise.

Along with discussions of the extent to one feature and a different type of AC game (Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival, respectively), I may throw in game ideas I made for the Animal Crossing series. In fact, I can even share ideas for the next Animal Crossing game. I am a very creative person, so I came up with game ideas.

Every Friday on Animal Crossing Spin-offs, I may go over game ideas. For the first eight weeks after ACHHD’s release, I’ll be sharing my Spin-off ideas in closer detail. For the rest of my time here, I’ll share ideas for the next proper AC game. Today, I came up with a list of spin-off ideas for the series, and I placed them here. You may read what I came up with. Two of these are, like what Happy Home Designer is, games that take certain features to a further extent while eliminating the other features. Two of these are, like what amiibo Festival is, games that are completely different to the rest of the franchise. The other four are just regular games that exclusively takes place in only one season while enhancing seasonal features.

  • Animal Crossing: Town Designer – while HHD is about interior design, Town Designer is where you can design a town in any way. You can design your map the way you want, place where you want your villagers, build paths, grow trees and flowers (including hybrids in one step), and place PWPs. All PWPs are available at the start, but you’ll have to earn points by fulfilling villager requests (like catching a certain fish or baking an apple pie) in order to place special ones, from minor ones like the flower arch to major ones like a carousel. The day/night mechanic works just like the one in HHD, and you can even decorate houses and PWPs with holiday decorations.
  • Animal Crossing: Museum Quest – the museum feature is extended in this game idea. There will be even more fish and insects to catch, plus another creature to catch (reptiles). You can also shoot down balloons for town models, break rocks for unidentified ore, go to Redd’s Tent for paintings and statues, dig up fossils, or gather fruit, saplings, and flowers to donate to the Museum. The more you complete, the more items you unlock to making your own custom exhibits, and Celeste will have more information available in the observatory.
  • Animal Crossing: Shop Manager – this game idea is the tycoon game for Animal Crossing. What you get to do is to design your own shop, decide what you can sell in it, and make more bells. Animals may come and visit. You can even remodel your store.
  • Animal Crossing: Story Editor – inspired by the New Leaf CYOAs on GameFAQs, I came up with this idea. You get to control villagers like you could control humans, but only to make the scenes. You can make questions, dialogue, and answers that determine the outcome of the story. You can share your stories so people can play your CYOAs you made in-game.
  • Animal Crossing: Winter Adventures – the entire game takes place on a large mountain that is winter all year. You have winter activities (both that were in ACNL and were never in the AC games), winter fish to catch, and winter food to eat. Interior design and character design still apply here, but you’re only limited to winter items.
  • Animal Crossing: Spring Sensations – the entire game takes place in a fenced forest where it is spring all year. You have spring activities, spring fish and insects to catch, and the hybridization feature. Interior design and character design still apply here, but you’re only limited to spring items.
  • Animal Crossing: Summer Life – the entire game takes place on a tropical island that is summer all year. You have summer activities, summer fish and insects to catch, and swimming. Interior design and character design still apply here, but you’re only limited to summer items.
  • Animal Crossing: Fall Land – the entire game takes place in a fenced forest with cliffs that is fall all year. You have fall activities (including holidays), fall fish and insects to catch, and other cool features. Interior desifn and character desifn still apply here, but you’re only limited to autumn items.

Keep in mind that these are not official games. Those are just ideas inspired by HHD and aF. I’ll be able to cover more about these ideas each Friday.


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