Happy Home Designer

One more week

We are one week away before Happy Home Designer comes out. Today is September 18th. September 25th is when it comes out in the United States and Canada, and October 2nd is when it comes out in Europe (it would be October 3rd in Australia and New Zealand by then, which also has ACHHD released). I am from the United States, so I’m going to look at it through a US perspective.

I’ve been waiting for a while. I can’t believe how close it is. Still, one week is too much. But I have been used to waiting for weeks. For example, I check the Nintendo eShop every week to see if any good games have come out. Do you know how long I wait if one week doesn’t have anything good? Seven more days. If I can wait for more eShop releases, I can sure wait for Animal Crossing to come out.

At the same time, I should be writing a guide for GameFAQs when it comes out. I already written the money guide and the public works project guide for New Leaf, so I should be able to write a new guide for HHD when I have enough experience.

Oh, and one more thing, I’m only going to write blog entries on Mondays to Fridays. My target times are between 6:00 AM PST to 11:00 PM EDT. I’m on Central Time, so I shouldn’t publish an entry any earlier than 9:00 AM during Daylight Savings time, or 8:00 AM during Standard Time. I also want to get my entries published before 10:00 PM Daylight Savings time, or 9:00 PM Standard Time. The reason being is a long story, but I’ll keep it simple. It’s to make it the same date all over the US. I’m not very consistent over what time to publish. Since today is Friday, you won’t be seeing any entries for two days.


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