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AC Hourly Music – Review

One of the most amazing features of Animal Crossing, aside to interior design and its life simulation, is the outdoor music that changes every hour. This is most commonly known as the hourly music. I do like the building music (like Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters in the GC version and the Town Hall music in New Leaf), and I don’t like the K.K. Slider musics, but the hourly music is the best part of the BGM of Animal Crossing.

What happens is that every time a new hour begins, the music stops, the bell rings, then another piece plays. Every tune fits the time of the day it’s part of. The daytime music (6:00 AM to 5:59 PM) seems more lively and upbeat while the nighttime music (6:00 PM to 5:59 AM) seems more calm and downbeat.

In this entry, I have described what each music sounds like and what it reminds me of. Some of these musics are lame, some are scary, and others seem really nice. 12:00 AM is when a day starts, but since everything refreshes and updates at 6:00 AM instead of 12:00 AM, I started out with 6:00 AM on reviewing each town tune.


Although there are four games, there are three tracks per hour. City Folk is the same as Wild World’s so I would classify the musics by GC, WW, and NL as I describe.

  • GameCube – the music is not bad on the producers’ first attempts on making a life simulation game that occupies the 24-hour clock. However, there are some flaws. While some of the night music seems downbeat, slow, and calm, others seemed more like there’s a party going on at night, even if New Leaf is the only game with night parties. The acoustic percussion with an accordion seems pretty nice, but some BGMs were simply done and easy to play.
  • Wild World – the background music in Wild World and City Folk is my least favorite hourly music. I felt that the music quality dropped from GC to WW, and it was disappointing that it was retained in CF. Even if some are better than both of their counterparts (especially 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM), most of them are bottom-ranked in each hour.
  • New Leaf – ACNL may be the best game in terms of gameplay and how much fun I can get out of, but that’s not the only part where it’s the highest ranked. It also has the best hourly music by average. The sound quality is much higher in NL than it is in previous games. Nintendo sure has improved over time. Even so, it doesn’t get my 10/10 rating. The platformers and adventure games (especially the N64 ones) have much better music than NL. Another thing about the hourly music is that each set sounds like they match a certain season, while the last in each set represents the end of a season. 12:00 to 5:59 AM is to winter, 6:00 to 11:59 AM is to spring, 12:00 to 5:59 PM is to summer, and 6:00 to 11:59 PM is to fall.

Early Morning:

The first three hours in each game are 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, and 8:00 AM. In each game, it sounds like everything is waking up, as a new day has started.

6:00 AM:

  • GC – the music sounds like it’s time to wake up. The sun has risen, the night is over, and a new day has began. Everyone has waken up, but places of businesses are not active, as they yet have to.
  • WW – the music doesn’t sound like a happy tune where people are waking up. It rather sounds like a new day has begun, and you didn’t get enough sleep. It’s very inactive, and not too many are up.
  • NL – while it sounds like a new day has began, it also sounds like an opening sequence. As ACNL has the most fitting music for each hour, three of them sound like a story is told by a movie. The 6:00 AM music sounds like the opening sequence, as a new day has begun. The night is over, and the day is at the beginning. If we compared all of the ACNL hourly music to the entire Little Mermaid soundtrack, the song that best matches this one is Fathoms Below, the pirate song at the beginning of the movie. The reason: it’s the opening sequence. Instead of telling a story, it’s the music that begins a new day.
  • What’s the best – the 6:00 AM seems to be rather a weak tune compared to the other hourly music in each game, but if I had to pick what’s best, I would go with the 3DS version. It sounded a lot like the opening sequence to each day. At the same time, the two middle games get the tailpiece because the music did not sound like a new day has begun, but rather like you woke up early in the morning when you go to bed very late at night. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.

7:00 AM:

  • GC – the music sounds like the beginning of another good day. It seemed fresh, joyful, and the perfect time to wake up. Even if some places are not yet open, others are, as you try to enjoy the morning.
  • WW – now this sounds like the official time to wake up in Wild World and City Folk. A new day has begun, and everything is awakening. If you were still sleeping, you’ll be missing out.
  • NL – the music sounds like a feeling of what it’s like to be awake early in the morning. The day isn’t as fresh as the previous hour, but it still feels new. If compared to a movie, this would sound like the first scene after the opening sequence. If compared to the Little Mermaid, it would rather match the music in the opening credits. If compared to Lion King, it would rather match the scene where Mufasa and Scar were fighting about Scar’s intentional absence at the ceremony.
  • What’s the best – it appears that this is one of the very few hours I cannot dislike or cringe at any music, regardless of the version. Even so, there is a best, and there is a worst. It seemed rather strong than weak. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACNL.

8:00 AM:

  • GC – the music sounds like it’s still early in the morning, and rather sound like a tour of a spring garden, waiting for some places to open up. It’s still too early, but it’s close to the second half of the morning.
  • WW – the music sounds calm and peaceful, while upbeat and reminds you why you should be outdoors in the morning. There is no need to miss out.
  • NL – just like the 6:00 AM to WW and CF, the music sounds like you woke up with a lack of sleep, but not as bad. It also sounds like there are still some people sleeping as activity is pretty low. Another thing it sounds like that the early morning is coming to an end as this is the last of the inactive hours.
  • What’s the best – I kinda don’t like some of these musics, but the best of the 8:00 tracks come from what I would consider the worst soundtrack of the series. New Leaf didn’t sound that great, but it’s better than the spring garden theme from the GameCube version. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACGC.

Late Morning:

The next three hours are 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 11:00 AM. The day is no longer new as these don’t sound like a new day has begun, but they do sound like activity is beginning to rise. Notice that some stores in AC don’t open up till 9:00 AM or later. It sounds like these musics are good fit then.

9:00 AM:

  • GC – the music sounds like the middle of a sunrise. The morning is enjoyable, as activity was just at the beginning. Everything is waking up, but slowly.
  • WW – the music just sounds like a generic morning tune that has little significance. Everyone should be awake, but it’s more of a midmorning experience.
  • NL – the music sounds like the hours of inactivity is over. The outdoor activities have just began at this point. It feels like a new day as it’s time to go out and play, shop, or do other fun stuff.
  • What’s the best – as it’s wakeup time or opening time, I would think that ACNL seemed to be the best fit for this hour. At the same time, ACWW and ACCF didn’t match this hour anymore than ACGC did. It’s another triumph for the best game of Animal Crossing, and another lose for the worst games. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.

10:00 AM:

  • GC – another generic daytime music, but I felt that it’s more for the morning than the afternoon or evening. It must sound like there’s a party going on or something.
  • WW – the music sounds like there are rough times. Some days are tough, others are not, but whatever is the case, there’s no need to worry about the hardships. It could also sound like recovery after the hardships.
  • NL – the music sounds like a wonderful midmorning. Activity hasn’t fully started, but a good deal of it has. And the morning is just as enjoyable when you walk out.
  • What’s the best – it appears that ACNL had the most fitting music for this hour and ACWW had the least. So it means that ACNL wins while ACWW loses again. Right? No, that’s not true. Even if ACNL seemed to have the most fitting music, I appear to like Wild World’s more. In fact, it’s one of the few soundtracks in Wild World to be elite, as the 10:00 AM music is one of my least favorite morning tunes in New Leaf. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACNL.

11:00 AM:

  • GC – it sounds like an enjoyable morning, but it more likely sounds like the beginning of an amusement park trip. You can hop on the rides, get some good food, and buy gifts. It doesn’t sum up the park trip, but it is the beginning of a nice amusement park visit.
  • WW – it sounds like the morning was rather rough than nice. Your overall experience in the morning wasn’t very positive, or that you’re still waiting until the best time of the day.
  • NL – at this point, everyone should be active. Everyone is awake, all (or nearly all) businesses should be open, and it’s time to have fun. But it’s still morning. This hour also sounds like the morning is already coming to an end, as the sun should be at the top.
  • What’s the best – so once again, New Leaf was the most fit for this hour, but it doesn’t take the win. The GC version seemed to be the happiest one of the three, and one of the best soundtracks of the GameCube version. As WW’s 11:00 music seemed more moody and aggressive. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACWW.


For the next four hours, the day seems both lively and lovely. You can go out for shopping, kite flying, catching bugs, or even chatting with your neighbors. Even though the sky is completely dark in ACNL on December 21st, these hours still seem lively, which is rather odd.

12:00 PM:

  • GC – the music sounds like it was continued from the 11:00 AM music, but only brighter and slower. There’s no time to sleep. People should also be outside and enjoy the nice weather.
  • WW – the music sounds like the noon has arrived. It seems nice to go out, but the outcome of the day seems to be a mystery. You don’t know what it’s going to be like, but you’ll still stay out.
  • NL – the liveliest music of the day. At this point, everybody should be awake and outside. It’s another time to be active, as it’s another beautiful day.
  • What’s the best – all three of them seemed lively and best fit for this hour, so I’m going to judge by quality instead of fit. It seems the quality is good too, but New Leaf should take the victory. Choosing between GameCube and Wild World will be hard, but I’ll say Wild World by default. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.

1:00 PM:

  • GC – this one is continued from the 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM musics, but it sounded more like the early afternoon than a late morning or noon. The daytime is beautiful and wonderful.
  • WW – this sounds like the happiest tune of the game. There’s no time to be depressed as you should stay out and play. It sounds like the 7:00 AM music, but only higher pitched and in D-major. If this were compared to the Little Mermaid soundtrack, the matching music would be Fireworks/Jig.
  • NL – not as lively as the 12:00 PM music, but it’s still quite lively. It sounds like people should be out on a picnic, flying kites, looking at flowers, and enjoying the outdoors. You could also go shopping or exploring the museum. You can stay indoors, but it’s better outdoors.
  • What’s the best – it is by default that New Leaf is the best as Wild World is the worst, but not this time. This is another of the few hours where all three of them were great, but one of them is lot better. This time, it’s the opposite of default. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACNL.

2:00 PM:

  • GC – after a lively early afternoon, it began to calm down. It sounds like an average day as you returned home. It also sounds like a boring afternoon.
  • WW – the music isn’t as happy as the last one, but the mid afternoon seems to be as good as the early afternoon. You could go bug hunting, fishing, or even on a picnic.
  • NL – seems to be like a lovely afternoon. You would go to the park, have a picnic party, play cards in the backyard, or just walk in the sun. But this music awfully sounds like the 1:00 PM music in the GameCube version.
  • What’s the best – this time, none of the musics captured my charm. The GC version sounded too simple, the WW version reminded me of the 11:00 AM music in WW, and the 3DS’s 2:00 PM music was the worst of the afternoon musics. If I had to pick, I would go with New Leaf as the best since it wasn’t as bad as the other two, but I preferred the GameCube version’s better. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.

3:00 PM:

  • GC – this sounded like it continued from the 2:00 PM music, but there was a remix. The afternoon still seemed boring, but it’s coming to an end.
  • WW – it sounds like it’s the middle of the day, and we’re wondering what’s going to be next. It’s more like a tune for “coming up next…” or “see you next week!”
  • NL – it sounds like a lovely, but late afternoon. However, it sounded more like a day at the fairground, judging by it’s harmonica or bandoneon music. The day is still enjoyable.
    What’s the best – unlike the last hour, it’s not as bad, but this debate is a traditional win and loss for both New Leaf and Wild World, respectively. New Leaf’s 3:00 PM was my favorite of the daytime musics in ACNL while the one in Wild World sounded too freaky. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.


After a nice long day, you would realize that it’s time for the day to end, and the sun to set. The next four musics in each game best describe how the day is coming to an end in these hours. The first half sound like the fun times are over, as it’s time for the day to come to an end, but there’s some time left. The second half of the evening show the late sunset, as the musics tell that the daylight is ending.

4:00 PM:

  • GC – the music sounds like the mid-afternoon is over, but the early evening is just as beautiful as the rest of the day. It’s also more like “How was your day? It’s almost over.”
  • WW – the music sounds like that evening has just began. You can still be out to play, but it signals the first step of the day’s end.
  • NL – music sounds like 5:00 PM from ACWW, but played differently. After a nice afternoon, the beginning of the end – of the day is here. You can still be out, but you would realize that you can’t be out for much longer.
  • What’s the best – I personally think ACWW’s and ACNL’s sound pretty moody or abrupt, so the GameCube version would probably take the lead. As of what would be the worst, I personally think that Wild World’s had a higher intensity and a good representative of the early sunset. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACNL.

5:00 PM:

  • GC – the music sounds like the mid-sunset, as the day is almost over. It’s more of a time to review how your day went and to talk about the good times and bad times. If we compared the entire calendar rather than the day to these musics, this would be the September monthly music, since it’s already past most of the year, and the year is coming to an end.
  • WW – the music sounds like a continuation of the 4:00 PM music. But the intensity is lower. It’s closer to the sun’s end, but it’s not very significant.
  • NL – just like the 4:00 PM music, the 5:00 PM music sounds like an hourly music from a previous game, this time the 4:00 PM music from the GameCube version. It signals that the day is over, and it’s time to go home, but you still want to be out.
  • What’s the best – I thought New Leaf’s was better than last time’s, but Wild World’s was worse. Even so, the GameCube version’s was the winner once again. As for the loser, I would swap Wild World and New Leaf if the scores were the same as last time. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACWW.

6:00 PM:

  • GC – the night hours has began, but it’s still sunset, mid-sunset to be exact. The music is more of an intense sunset. While some return home for dinner and relaxation, others are still out. Even so, everybody should be out of work as of now.
  • WW – the mid-sunset appears to be as joyful as the daytime. The day may be coming to an end, but there’s still time left to be out and active. It’s also more like a celebration of watching the sunset.
  • NL – unlike Wild World’s, which both musics sound the same, it’s more depressing since the daytime hours are ending, as the sun is setting. People are returning home, but some are still out.
  • What’s the best – the 6:00 PM music is even another music that I like in all versions. I know that I have sounded like I enjoy hating on Wild World, but I can’t this time. The music is the best in this version. And for the worst, there’s no other choice than the GameCube version’s since the quality isn’t as good as New Leaf’s. Wild World and New Leaf had low intensity sunsets while GameCube’s had a high intensity sunset. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACGC.

7:00 PM:

  • GC – as this hour is the twilight hour, the sunlight is at its last stage. Everyone is returning home, some businesses are still open, but are having the last of their customers, and the sun continues to set until it’s gone. The music that plays is downbeat and depressing, as it’s the opposite of the AM counterpart of this hour in this version.
  • WW – similar to the GameCube version’s 7:00 PM music since it sounded depressing, but only with different instruments. It’s the opposite of its AM counterpart in this version, it sounds like another day is over, and there’s not much left to do, unless if you like the night hours. And some places are still open.
  • NL – rather than sounding depressing, it sounds more like the night rising. It’s not depressing, but rather scary. Even though this is true, it still fits the hour it’s part of. People are done for the day, and are already heading home. This sounds more like the high intensity part at the end of a song in real life, and the climax of the plot lines.
  • What’s the best – I actually thought 7:00 PM was the most interesting hour of the day, but none of them are my top favorites of each version, AM or PM. The GameCube version’s seemed to be the most depressing, but that’s not going to push me away from liking it. New Leaf would be the middle one. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACWW.

Early Night/Depths of the Night:

The daylight hours are all over, but the day still has some time left. The first two hours best describe the beginning of the night, but the other two help describe the depths of the night. It is the last strip of the date.

8:00 PM:

  • GC – the night hours have began. But it sounds like people are sad that the daylight is over. Some people do enjoy the night, as others do not.
  • WW – as the day is over, a calm and peaceful music plays, which sounds like the tough times are over as it’s time for the easy times. It also sounds like completion is past 80% in some kind of progresses.
  • NL – the music sounds like the night hours has just began. While the day is over, businesses are still open as people are still awake. But some businesses have already closed. The only people who are really active are the night life people.
  • What’s the best – yet, even another hour seems to be good on all three of them. I would appreciate Wild World’s the best, but GameCube takes the end of the chain. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACGC.

9:00 PM:

  • GC – music sounds calm, but intense. As the night hours are at the beginning, it sounds like it has already settled in and the last stage of some villagers’ activities.
  • WW – like the GameCube version, the music sounds downbeat and calm, but the music is a bit different. The daylight is already over by an hour or more, but people are still active, but not for long.
  • NL – the music is still the same as the other two, but still slightly different. As the night hours continue rolling by, some businesses are already closing. Assuming that you have T&T Emporium and any ordinance but Night Owl, the mainstream stores are already closed. But animals are still active as night clubs are still operating.
  • What’s the best – since they sound so close to each other, it is hard to judge what wins or lose. So I’ll go by quality. New Leaf seems to be the best, but Wild World isn’t the worst. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACGC.

10:00 PM:

  • GC – the path seems to be the opposite on this hour. Instead of being more downbeat, calm, and sounding like the end signs of the date, it sounds more like a party is going on. Other than Nook ‘n’ Go, all businesses are closed at this point. Some animals are asleep, but the music sounds rather lively.
  • WW – after a calm hour, it gets a little more tense. It’s quite freaky, and it reminds you of why you shouldn’t be up. But it does sound like the last hour of activity.
  • NL – as it continues to progress further into the night, we’re already in the depths of the night. It sounds a bit depressing because the end of the date is getting near. If being compared to a person’s life, it sounds like the last stage of life.
  • What’s the best – I kinda feel that the GameCube version’s was the least fitting for the hour, but I’ll give it the win. Unfortunately, when the music matches, it sounds like it’s getting late at this point. Wild World’s version is quite freaky. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACWW.

11:00 PM:

  • GC – the last of the business have closed. Some animals are already asleep. The music sounds like the day is already over. There’s nothing left to do before the calendar switch.
  • WW – as soon as the last hour of business has passed, everything closes, and inactivity is at the start. The music sounds sad, solemn, and dark since the day is dead.
  • NL – the music seemed more low pitched and depressing than the 7:00 PM music in the GameCube version. What it sounds like is that when the last of the businesses are closed, there’s nothing left to do. Everything is through. Some animals are already asleep, as the only places left open are 24-hour businesses and nightclubs. If you’re on Night Owl, that’s when businesses are already closing, as some remain. When compared to the life of a person, the music means that the person has already died, and the life is over.
  • What’s the best – obviously, Wild World and City Folk would lose since the music sounds strange and too much like the last hour. So the top spot is left to the other two. Since New Leaf’s sounded way too depressing and acts as a reminder to not be outside at night, I’ll let the first version win. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACWW.

Midnight/Depths of the Night:

A new date has begun, but it is long before a new day could begin. For the next six hours, everything (or almost everything) will remain inactive as the night hours roll on, and for the next five hours, the music at night would sound intense.

12:00 AM:

  • GC – a new day had began, but it’s only just the beginning. As it’s still nighttime, there’s a lot left of the night before activity could begin. The music sounds like a few percussion notes made, as the date is at the beginning.
  • WW – while the 11:00 PM music sounded a bit rough, this one sounded like everything has calmed down, but it is only midnight. At this point, it seems like nobody is awake.
  • NL – the music sounds the most intense and least calm of the three. While it sounds like a new date had begun, it seemed more like the midnight, and it’s continued from the previous date. The only people active at this time are 24-hour business operators and night-life people. If compared to a person’s life, it seemed to sound like the birth of a new person.
  • What’s the best – this time, I couldn’t agree that New Leaf is the best. In fact, the music is already too creepy to even stay out of the bottom place. As for choosing between the other two versions, I could safely say GameCube takes the role. Winner: ACGC; Loser: ACNL.

1:00 AM:

  • GC – while it’s early in the dawn, the music sounds like a party is going on. Or it could sound like the day has a long path until the daylight hours.
  • WW – even if the night is kinda scary to go out, the music sounds like the night is calm. While everyone is sleepy, you can go out and enjoy the night since you’re all alone.
  • NL – unlike previous versions, this music sounds like you should rather be indoors and asleep. It seems pretty sleepy of a tune. But it’s also scary, as it reminds you that there are dangerous nocturnal creatures outside (oh wait, the purpose in AC is to chat with animals), but it reminds you of how scary the night hours are.
  • What’s the best – so once again, New Leaf loses by a long shot. In fact, this is my least favorite hourly music in ACNL. Since it sounds too scary for me, I would hardly rank this high. I also feel that this music is overrated since everyone else likes it. It’s even the highest ranked hour on the TopTens site when it comes to hourly music in ACNL. Additionally, why would I rank the GameCube the highest on this hour? All I hear is a 7-second loop of simple instruments. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACNL.

2:00 AM:

  • GC – even though it’s hours of inactivity, the music sounds like there’s a party going on. It seems very unfitting. Only New Leaf would have night parties, and this game has the right music for parties.
  • WW – as it’s really late in night, it’s more of a depressing tune because of how everyone is asleep at this point and how there’s nothing to do in the night.
  • NL – the last of the remaining animals are now asleep. Nightclubs are closed. There’s nothing left. For another few hours, everything is inactive, and the night remains peaceful.
  • What’s the best – after rating and reviewing all of these musics, this is the last one where Wild World is at the bottom of the list. I really don’t like Wild World’s since it sounds too depressing. Imagine if the entire depths-of-the-night hours were composed of ACNL’s 10:00 PM to 1:59 AM, Wild World’s 2:00 AM, and GameCube’s 3:00 to 4:59 AM musics. I would never explore the night again. As for New Leaf, I feel that it wins once more since it didn’t sound as bad. Winner: ACNL; Loser: ACWW.

Late Night:

The last section of the entry is about these three hours. They sound like the night is already coming to an end as you’re out of the depths of night. At the same time, they are the most inactive hours.

3:00 AM:

  • GC – you wake up all groggy as the night is not the time for you. Nobody is active, the night is dangerous, and if you’re only safe inside. The music sounds exactly like that, and kinda scary.
  • WW – similar to the 1:00 AM music, the night is peaceful and worth walking out in. When nobody is awake, the outdoors is all to yourself. It sounds like the night is fun.
  • NL – it sounds a lot like a night in the winter time. Everyone is asleep, but you’re excited for a new day as not much of the night remains. It sounds like the night before Christmas or the night before another winter day.
  • What’s the best – the 3:00 AM music in New Leaf is my favorite hourly music in ACNL. In fact, it’s my favorite soundtrack in all of AC. But compare it to a lot of other Nintendo soundtracks, this seems a lot more inferior. Nintendo has a lot of nice soundtracks, too much to compare to this one. But for now, I’ll give the standings to each hour, including this winter night hourly track. Best: ACNL; Worst: ACGC.

4:00 AM:

  • GC – continued from the music at 3:00 AM, it has more acoustic instruments as the music sounds like the end of the dark hours.
  • WW – also continued from its 3:00 AM music, except it’s calmer and more downbeat. The night is almost over, but it’s still worth walking out.
  • NL – the music sounds like zombies popping out and spreading their empire. If you’re awake at this time, you would notice that the night hours are ending, but the music is creepy. There was an actual dream town in ACNL that took place at that time, as it was supposed to be creepy everywhere. You don’t want to be awake at this time. I can also understand why this hour is meant to be creepy.
  • What’s the best – as a person who prefers less scary music and less depressive music, and no A-major scale musics like the 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM musics from the GameCube version, I could say that Wild World will take this one. The New Leaf music is creepy, but think there’s something worse than that. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACGC.

5:00 AM:

  • GC – the night hours are over, and the dawn is at the last stage. Music sounds like the morning is coming, but it’s one hour away.
  • WW – the music sounds like the nighttime is over, and a new day awaits. After long hours of darkness, it is time for the day to come.
  • NL – the night hours have came to an end. With the darkness gone away, brightness is coming, and night bugs gone away, the music sounds happy and marks the end of the troubles of the night. The daylight hours still have yet to come. If compared to a movie, this tune would resemble the credits since the story is over.
  • What’s the best – at the end, I feel that Wild World and City Folk, the games with the worst hourly music, win this one. But New Leaf can’t lose. Winner: ACWW; Loser: ACGC.

Final Review:

If my formatting isn’t clear enough for you to see what games are the best to each hour, I’ll go over some general lists for you. Each game has a list of tracks they are at the best at, and where they are at the worst. One star * means that they are the best because they are good, or they are the worst because they are bad. Two stars ** mean that they are the best because the others sucked, or that they are the worst because they are good, but the others did better.

GameCube Version (Best):

  • 7:00 AM*
  • 11:00 AM*
  • 4:00 PM*
  • 5:00 PM*
  • 7:00 PM*
  • 10:00 PM**
  • 11:00 PM**
  • 12:00 AM*

GameCube Version (Worst):

  • 8:00 AM*
  • 6:00 PM**
  • 8:00 PM**
  • 9:00 PM**
  • 3:00 AM*
  • 4:00 AM*
  • 5:00 AM**

Wild World (Best):

  • 8:00 AM**
  • 10:00 AM*
  • 1:00 PM*
  • 6:00 PM*
  • 8:00 PM*
  • 1:00 AM**
  • 4:00 AM**
  • 5:00 AM*

Wild World (Worst):

  • 6:00 AM*
  • 9:00 AM**
  • 11:00 AM*
  • 12:00 PM**
  • 2:00 PM*
  • 3:00 PM*
  • 5:00 PM*
  • 7:00 PM*
  • 10:00 PM*
  • 11:00 PM*
  • 2:00 AM*

New Leaf (Best):

  • 6:00 AM**
  • 9:00 AM*
  • 12:00 PM*
  • 2:00 PM**
  • 3:00 PM*
  • 9:00 PM*
  • 2:00 AM**
  • 3:00 AM*

New Leaf (Worst):

  • 7:00 AM**
  • 10:00 AM**
  • 1:00 PM**
  • 4:00 PM**
  • 12:00 AM*
  • 1:00 AM*

Best of each game:

  • GC – the GameCube Version of Animal Crossing is not bad when it comes to hourly music, but the one that stands above all is the 11:00 AM music. It is the most beautiful hourly music in the first version. As for the PM soundtracks, I could say 5:00 PM since it best captures the mood of the evening. Days pass fast, and it’s time to go home. The runner-ups for both sides of the day are 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. But the big winner is 11:00 AM.
  • WW – despite multiple iterations, declaring this soundtrack to be the worst of the series, it’s not perfectly bad. Low quality music can be catchy too, and the 8:00 PM music nailed it hard. I don’t know why I would pick this, but it kinda reminds me of how the tough times are over, and a new adventure has began. On the AM side, my best pick is 10:00 AM. What other honorable mentions are there? 1:00 PM and 7:00 AM are good, even if the 7:00 music isn’t the best of the series. But the winner of this selection is 8:00 PM.
  • NL – as New Leaf has the best soundtrack in general, some only exceeded criteria. I may have said it before, but my favorite hourly music from this game is the winter night hourly music, AKA 3:00 AM. It’s PM counterpart (3:00 PM) is the best of the other side of the clock. If I had to pick my two honorable mentions, I would have to say 6:00 AM and 12:00 PM. But the trophy goes to 3:00 AM.

Worst of each game:

  • GC – a while back, I would criticize some tracks for being a bit scary, but now I’m even more critical of their quality since I haven’t played in a long time. In terms of how scary or depressing, 4:00 AM is the worst, but mainly because I don’t like the scale (A-major). In terms of PM music, I’m a bit disappointed at 2:00 PM now. It’s so simple, and lack of notes. The runner-ups are 3:00 AM and 3:00 PM, but the award goes to 4:00 AM.
  • WW – Wild World was the worst ranked in many hours, but only some of them went too far in my hate list. It’s clear that the 2:00 AM music is both sad and scary. With no store open and no animal awake (except for the bad ones), and the tarantulas and scorpions traveling across town (if it’s summer), this music reminds me of why I shouldn’t be outside late at night. On the other side, 3:00 PM is the worst. It’s too freaky and not worth listening to. Dishonorable mentions include 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM. But I’ll pass the shame to 2:00 AM.
  • NL – I know some of you would be rude if I say this, but 1:00 AM is the worst. Not just the worst, but the scariest, especially if tarantulas and scorpions are crawling over town. Thanks to the Night Owl ordinance, I can still visit the Re-Tail and the Nooklings Stores, with some of my favorite animals awake at this time, so the ambience wouldn’t be as bad. On the PM side, the worst is 11:00 PM, which is not very far from 1:00 AM. To be honest, ACNL has high quality music, but the tracks in the depths of the night kinda scare me, including this depressing music that signals that the day is dead. The other two musics that could take the bottom spots are 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM. I know that 4:00 AM may sound very creepy because of the zombie-like ambience, but I feel that both 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM are scary. Repeat: 1:00 AM is the worst of this game.

That’s enough comparing of the hourly music. And oh boy, this entry seemed very long, at a word count of 6,175. I wanted to put my opinions on the hourly music and what they sounded like. I’ll promise that my future entries won’t be this long. In the meantime, see ya tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “AC Hourly Music – Review

    1. also why is this blog so biased against every other game, constantly saying “we’re glad they’re done and everything in them sucked, acnl is always the best and all its new features are amazing, everything it ditched from old games was pure trash and if i was forced to play one of them i’d kill myself”


  1. Well, here’s my version:

    Best Hourly Music:
    6 AM – WW
    7 AM – WW
    8 AM – WW
    9 AM – WW
    10 AM – GC
    11 AM – NL
    12 PM – WW
    1 PM – WW
    2 PM – GC
    3 PM – WW
    4 PM – GC
    5 PM – GC
    6 PM – WW
    7 PM – WW
    8 PM – WW
    9 PM – WW
    10 PM – GC
    11 PM – WW
    12 AM – WW
    1 AM – GC
    2 AM – NL
    3 AM – WW
    4 AM – GC
    5 AM – GC

    I am not a fan of New Leaf’s hourly music, the quality dropped from CF to NL in my opinion. I really liked most of Wild World’s hourly music (especially 9 AM, that’s my favorite). GC’s hourly music is decent and i really like the 5 AM version from GC. Please respect my opinion and i will respect yours.


    1. I always respect gaming opinions. Yeah, ACNL’s hourly music didn’t seem as lively or strong like the GameCube Version’s and Wild World’s hourly music, but it did seem more realistic based on the time of the day.


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