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ACHHD Guide on GameFAQs

Before you read what this entry is about, I have some background to share. Before I joined TBT, I was a member of the AC community on GameFAQs. I written two guides for ACNL, one was on Public Works Projects, and another was on money making. Because I was occupied with TBT, I haven’t written a FAQ in a long time. Now that I quit TBT and that a new game came out, it’s time to write guides again.

On the day the game came out in the US, I written a FAQ for ACHHD and submitted it to GameFAQs. Three days later, it was accepted and published. Right now, it is unfinished, but I pretty much covered the gameplay basics.

Now here’s a favor you can do. I will need help supporting my guide. To do this, you must send me information I can put onto my guide. There are 5 sections right now, but it’s supposed to have 10 sections.

Stuff I am looking for to put into my guide:

  • Daily Unlocks and Features to Unlock – every day, more features (such as designing restaurants and hotels) get unlocked. They also get unlocked if you read the handbook. If you can give me the coin prices to each feature unlocked and what facilities to unlock based on days, I will accept that in my guide.
  • amiibo Card info – although I can put down how to use them, I would need a list of them and their orders. Examples include Isabelle being #001, Diana being #089, and Muffy being #091.
  • Villager requests and required items – aside to the cards, I need to know what each villager wants. An example is that Caroline wants a rustic country house or Goldie being surrounded by books. In addition, each villager has two or three items packaged in boxes. I would need to know what items are provided in the boxes of each villager, like Olaf and his whirlpool bath and gorgeous bed.
  • Items unlocked by quest – when you work on a villager for the first time, you can see a list of new items. To send me info on this, you need to name all of the new items provided from each villager or facility, including clothes, furniture, carpets, wallpaper, and wall items.
  • Questions related to ACHHD – it’s always nice to provide a FAQ in a GameFAQs guide.
  • Error corrections – if there’s something in my guide I got wrong, or if I mispelled something, or if I had poor grammar, I would like some fixes to that.
  • Improvement suggestions – I like writing the guides the way I want, but if there’s something you want me to improve on, like make it less cluttered, I will take that.
  • Other useful information – if there’s anything interesting in ACHHD that I didn’t list, please send me what else I can add.

I will provide credit to those who help me. And don’t be sending me anything if you’re going to be mean or rude. I can’t accept bullying messages at all. Also, if it has nothing to do with these, don’t bother sending me messages. I’m only seeking help on my guide at this time.

I will be greatly appreciative if I got help on my guide.


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