Happy Home Designer

About Andrea

 This is 22-year old Andrea Casa, the main character of my copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Andrea 01

Andrea is the fourth girl in the StarFall Crew, a group of female characters I made into Animal Crossing. Before I got ACHHD, I was thinking about creating a female character and naming her Andrea. It turns out that I was stubborn with my choices. If you want to know who are the other girls in the StarFall crew, please visit this article on Town of StarFall, my older site. Over there, you can learn about Kaylee and her two best friends, Jenny and Penny. Those three girls I made for ACNL. Andrea was the name of the girl I made for ACHHD.

This entry is about my fourth OC and how she ties in with the StarFall girls.

Andrea 02

Like Kaylee, Andrea was a California-born girl from the south side of the state. Because her parents hated her when she was a child, her grandparents, who hated her parents, took her and raised her as their last child. They were very nice and sweet to her, as they taught her good morals. At age 9, she and her two grandparents moved to Arizona due to her grandfather’s loss of job. They got better jobs over there. At the same time, a retired teacher was hired to homeschool her.

At age 18, she moved to Texas and attended college for a degree in Interior Design and Architecture. Although she has a very good sense of morals and creativity, as well as her high intellect in math and arts, she is a poorly educated girl and hardly knows about anything else. Her grandparents only wanted her to learn what she wanted to be when she grows up. And being an interior designer was what she wanted to be most.

While spending time in Houston, she had a job as a front desk hotel clerk, the same job Kaylee had when she was in Houston. Kaylee and she were very good co-workers, and later became best friends. Before Kaylee moved to StarFall, Andrea used to work for her as a part-time interior designer, which also includes teaching her, Jenny, and Penny skills of interior design and architecture. When there was no work to be done, she still doesn’t feel like taking breaks, and if she does take a break, she would either eat or sleep.

After one year in StarFall, Kaylee, Jenny, and Penny moved back to Houston and told Andrea how she liked being in StarFall. She even used the interior design skills she taught her. After hearing about what Kaylee told her, Andrea considers getting a job at the Happy Home Academy.

Andrea 03

In case if you are wondering, I like writing stories about my characters, including their backstories. I can’t make their backstories in-game, but I can do it off-game. That’s what I did with Kaylee, Jenny, and Penny. Here are some interesting facts about her:

  • She is the first of my OCs to be married. Born as Andrea Wall, she got married at age 19, thus naming her Andrea Casa.
  • She does look a lot like Penny, but the only difference is that her eyes are greener than Penny’s.
  • She is not based after a real person. I try not to base any fictional characters I make after anyone else.
  • She will wear what you request her to wear, no matter what the situation is. However, she would never dress inappropriately. The featured image shows her in Penny’s outfit. An assumption would be that Penny wanted her to dress like her.
  • Andrea’s favorite color is green. Her birthday is January 9th.
  • Her husband likes every food she likes. He also hates every food she hates.

That’s all I can say about her backstory.


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