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Theme of the Week: Coming Soon

So it has been a whole week since ACHHD has came out in the United States, as it’s close to the European release and Australian release. I decided to do something interesting to boost stats for my blog. Since I have been unlocking so many furniture pieces while I’m close to 100 villager requests fulfilled, I’ll primarily focus on remodeling, and even have the “theme of the week” blogs.

Every week, I may show pictures of five villager houses and five of the public facilities following the theme of the week. However, not all facilities will be shown. The five facilities that I will re-decorate for theme of the week are:

  • The Café
  • The First Shop
  • The Second Shop
  • The Hotel
  • The School

Of course, if you want to participate, you are free to do so, but I’m only going to show the pictures of what I took. I may also describe what each is about. Plus, I’ll try hard to keep Andrea in the picture since she is my character. She will be wearing her winter coat and dress in some of the pictures, but she’ll fit the theme in the others.

Now here is a bonus feature:

Throughout this past week, here’s what I did:

  • Decorated 82 villager homes, including Caroline’s, Pekoe’s, Tiffany’s, Merengue’s, and Mitzi’s.
  • Built all ten facilities and remodeled the school.
  • Remodeled the Café and both shops.
  • Rebuilt Goldie’s house to a fantastic house plot.
  • Participated in the HHN challenge “The Sweetest Home Ever”. My HHN code is 0393-7759-429.

And never forget the fact that I written a guide on GameFAQs. And I’m still updating it.

I’ll also open an Archive for the themes of the week.


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