Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: City Life

This is my very first Theme of the Week entry. It may be Week Four on Animal Crossing Spin-offs, but it’s only Week One for Theme of the Week. Every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I will be posting information about theme of the week and what I did in ACHHD. I’ll even share pictures of my shops, my Café, my school, my hotel, and five villager homes I chose for the theme of the week. They are random, and none of them are special villagers. If you want to see the work I did on the special characters, please see My House Designs on this site. It has pictures, and even HHN addresses of the characters I decorate for. There won’t be any HHN addresses shared for any project of Theme of the Week. Instead, I’ll just show pictures and even tell stories about them.

The weekly schedule for Theme of the Week:

  • Monday – new theme announced.
  • Tuesday – no entry. Just other stuff.
  • Wednesday – facilities and pictures.
  • Thursday – villagers and pictures.
  • Friday – no entry. Just game ideas.

Anyway, the introduction is over, it’s time to move onto the details.

The Theme of the Week series begins at where we all live and perform our tasks – the city. We work in the city, we live in the city, and we even visit other cities. In Animal Crossing, animals primarily lived in small towns that were mostly natural and lacked public landmarks. If you came from the city, you would know what country life is like when you play Animal Crossing long enough. In recent times, Animal Crossing had a few city environments, including the city in City Folk, some dream towns in New Leaf, and the Main Street in Happy Home Designer.

What can you do in the city? Perhaps you can go shopping, and at the end of the day, go out to eat. You might also need a car to go from shop to shop, if the distances are too long. The best parts of the city might be the tourist attractions that make the icons of the city, like the Hollywood sign of Los Angeles or the Statue of Liberty of New York.

We may already have a Main Street in Happy Home Designer, but the city will continue to grow. This week, I will turn each attraction to something you can find in the city. My restaurant, office, hospital, concert hall, and department store may follow the city theme, but they aren’t going to be in the Theme of the Week blogs. I will also find five villagers I can urbanize to highlight parts of the city. Are they safe? Are they finished? Can you connect to them easily? You will see somewhere around this week.

You are welcome to participate in the Theme of the Week series, but I’m only going to share my work here, so you don’t have to participate. This series is exclusive to my blog. I know it’s very late in the year, but it’s early in the series.


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