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TotW Facilities: City Life

In the past two days, I was decorating houses and facilities for the Theme of the Week promotions. Like I said before, the Office, Concert Hall, Hospital, Department Store, and Restaurant will not be part of the Theme of the Week series. They may already be part of the city, but what about the other five? Today, I’ll be showing 30 facility pictures and how they are related to City Life.

Here is some heads up before I go over. The school will have ten pictures instead of five, isolating it from the others. Also, Andrea isn’t wearing the same outfit at school as she does everywhere else. Her outfits for each facility are going to be the same every week, while her outfits when visiting a villager home will fit within the theme.

School of Business and Industrial Technology

When you go downtown, you will see a lot of tall buildings. Some are active as they run the businesses we see worldwide, while others are still in construction. Do you want to learn how to run a business? Do you want to learn how to build tall buildings? The School of Business and Industrial Technology is the perfect place to go to, and here are ten pictures related to this school.


City School 1

City School 2

Business Class:

City School 3

City School 4

City School 5

City School 6

Industrial Tech Class:

City School 7

City School 8

City School 9

City School 10

Convenience Store

When you’re in the middle of a huge city during a road trip at night, and you want a snack, it’s a great pleasure to visit a store at a gas station. It may be small, but it’s open all day long, including the night hours.

City Store 1

City Store 2

City Store 3

City Store 4

City Store 5

Grocery Store

If you live anywhere, including the city, you may need to buy food for home. The supermarket is always best for you, including the Grocery Store I made for this week.

City Shop 1

City Shop 2

City Shop 3

City Shop 4

City Shop 5

City Grill

I already shown the Mexican Restaurant, but I haven’t shown the fast food. Cities are filled wit restaurants and fast foods. Some are very successful, while others are failing. But some successful businesses may become bullies as they take in all of the money. Will the City Grill shut down out of business because of the local restaurant?

City Café 1

City Café 2

City Café 3

City Café 4

City Café 5

5-Star Hotel

When you go on a vacation to a nice city and spend more than one night, it would be nice to rent a hotel room. But can you afford this 5-Star Hotel with a red, gold, and black color scheme? These five pictures show the waiting room, both hotel rooms, and the banquet hall. When I show the rooms, you can see how consistent I am.

City Hotel 1

City Hotel 2

City Hotel 3

City Hotel 4

City Hotel 5

Oh, and by the way, did you know that I have HHN addresses of the hotel, grocery store, and school? Those have been uploaded before, and they won’t be updated regardless of the theme for each week.

That’s enough with the facilities for this week. Tomorrow, you can see which animals have been urbanized.


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