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TotW Villagers: City Life

Yesterday, I went over the five facilities and how they were set up for the Theme of the Week series. Today, I will share 25 pictures of the five villagers I selected for this week’s theme.

To be honest, I rushed through some of these on the first time I helped them, but after re-decorating their houses for Theme of the Week, they don’t look as rushed as they did before.

The five villagers I decorated for this week are Gala, Bunnie, Ava, Moe, and Rocco. Who is Andrea? A city planner. She planned out what the city is going to be like. These 25 pictures show more about the city rather than just schools, shops, and entertainment industry.

The Bank

Villager: Gala

Gala the normal pig requested a bank before the TotW series. As part of the TotW series, I went back to the bank and corrected it. The city has a lot of banks, including this one. The five pictures show the ATMs, the teller’s desk, and the outside.

City A1

City A2

City A3

City A4

City A5

Suburban House

Villager: Bunnie

You may want to live in the city, but the problem is that they can get crowded too easily, so the suburbs are the best places to go to. There are a lot more neighborhoods. Some houses have swimming pools, some have large gardens, some have playgrounds, and others even have party zones in the back yard. This suburban house, owned by the peppy rabbit, may not be the best to live in since it’s small, but it’s still part of the theme.

City B1

City B2

City B3

City B4

City B5

Restaurant with Apartment

Villager: Ava

In some cities, take Paris for example, there are several businesses with apartments above the business. These include restaurants. Not only they are more space efficient, but if you live in an apartment over a restaurant, you don’t need to drive. This is possibly good for Ava the normal chicken. She has a small restaurant, but at least she has her own kitchen, and her own apartment above the restaurant.

City C1

City C2

City C3

City C4

City C5

Auto Repair Shop

Villager: Moe

Unusual for a lazy villager, including Moe the lazy cat when he originally wants a house of cards, I decided to do a car shop. A major urban element is the automobile, also known as a car, so why have a city theme for the week if there are no car-related attractions? That’s why I made a car shop for one of my villagers. It’s just weird that Moe is the villager that I picked. But if it were for any reason, it’s because I was testing out the remodeling feature to see the limits of housing size, and I didn’t want him to live in an empty house. Originally, I would make a mansion, but the car shop thing struck me, so I did this instead.

City D1

City D2

City D3

City D4

City D5

Construction Site

Villager: Rocco

This house is currently a Work in Progress, literally. It’s not finished since it’s a construction site. The main room represents the outdoors when in a construction site. Trucks are operating. Some are for modifying terrain, some are for building paths, and some can build buildings. This cranky hippo’s house will never get finished, but he does at least have a house inside the construction site. But even the house isn’t finished.

City E1

City E2

City E3

City E4

City E5

Now that is enough with the city life. These five houses represent some major key parts of the city, including banks, suburbs, businesses with apartments, cars, and construction sites.


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