Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: Country Life

Last week, I went through the city by decorating villager homes and facilities for the city theme. We seen fast food grills, luxury hotels, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Aside to that, there is a school for urban development. As for the villagers, five of them now have the city experience. Andrea, as a city planner, helped these villagers get their own places in the city. Gala now runs a bank with both automatic tellers and animal tellers. Bunnie has her own house in a typical suburban neighborhood. Ava now runs her own restaurant with an apartment from above. Moe is now an auto repair clerk who owns a car shop. And Rocco’s house is still in construction, waiting to be finished. There’s always more to do in the city, but it’s time to move on to the next theme.

This week, we’ll be moving from the loud, crowded, and busy city to a quieter, emptier, and relaxing countryside. I live in the South, and I’m from a small town. It’s big enough for commercial businesses to operate and work well, but also small enough to be classified as “rural” in my definition. Even if we have paved roads, highways, over 20,000 people, and a couple of fast food joints and restaurants, our town is pretty small, and would more likely blend with the country. Even though the huge thicket, or dense forest, behind my house is completely bounded by houses and within the city limits, I consider the thicket to be the “wilderness”. There are animals living in the thicket.

But this week’s theme isn’t just staying away from large cities. It’s staying away from all cities. In fact, the population of a given area won’t even be 2,000 or more people. Even if there’s more to do in the city, the country is always quieter, more peaceful, less polluted. Sure there’s a lot of wild animals, insects, hilly surfaces, higher chances of deer-related accidents, and less accessible services, but if you go to the city, it would be a lot worse. There is more crime, higher traffic congestion, lots of rude people, heavy pollution, and car accidents. And what else is there? They are so large and overpopulated to where you don’t even know your neighbor. If you’re not even famous, you can still get higher recognition in smaller cities since there aren’t as many people.

So what is the country like? There are activities you can do all year such as camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, and just exploring. But you don’t have to be in the wilderness to be in the country. There are small towns to go to, and you can live on the farms, where there is herding, growing, and harvesting. This way, you can stay in the country, but avoid the open wilderness.

Stay tuned for this week to see what I say about the country in this week’s theme.


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