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Suggestions to make Happy Home Designer better

After over two weeks of decorating and one full week for Theme of the Week, I would like to share a few mini-problems with the game that I would suggest making improvements for. This is not an idea blog like last week’s Town Designer idea. It’s more of a suggestion blog to one game.

Of course this game isn’t perfect, especially when many people said that this game isn’t good because it’s not a regular Animal Crossing game. I honestly prefer this game over New Leaf, especially when you think about the difficulties in ACNL. And what if this game isn’t better than ACNL? At least it’s better than City Folk by a long shot. But the general ratings don’t say so either. So if you don’t care whether this game is a full game or a spin-off, what would really be the worst game in the series?

Aside to the lack of challenges, forced uniforms, and the worth not being as much as the price, ACHHD has several other minor problems that are only as bad as the beetle sensitivity in ACNL or not catching a fish on time in any AC game (or even as bad as falling into a pitfall in the AC series). One suggestion would be larger houses, where you have a 16×8 main room on all three floors and four 8×8 rooms on the first and second floors. But that would rather suit human houses in the sequel of ACNL more than any house in ACHHD. Besides, why would you spend two or more hours on one animal house that big, especially when you have the yard to decorate? Sure that it would bump this game up to meet its worth, but not what we want anyway.

The following sections will go over the other problems in the game and what solution to come up with.

Undo/Redo Option

This would be the best solution out of the following. It would be more convenient to have an undo option if you messed up on something. For example, you deleted a furniture piece you didn’t intend to do. For over 20 years, we had an undo option on computers if we mess up on documents. And if we regret using the undo feature, there’s a redo option. It seems that AC is behind on this. At least we have the copy option.

More Seasons

There are some plots that are really good, but we don’t get the exact same environment we want when it comes to the seasons. Some of them don’t have the brown grass like we see at the dead point in ACNL while others do. Some don’t even have snow. And I seen a few plots with three fall environments. How about we have all of them? I’ll list them for you in case if you’re wondering:

  • Winter – snow with orange trees
  • Winter – snow with dark green trees
  • Winter – snow with green trees
  • Spring – yellow-green grass and trees, as if they are fresh
  • Spring – light green grass and trees
  • Spring – light green grass and spring blossoms
  • Spring – medium green grass and trees
  • Summer – medium green grass and trees
  • Summer – dark green grass and trees
  • Fall – yellow-green grass and trees, as if fall has began
  • Fall – yellow grass with yellow trees
  • Fall – orange grass with orange trees
  • Fall – red grass with red trees
  • Fall – brown grass with red trees
  • Fall – brown grass with brown trees, usually associated with winter

That’s 15 different seasons to choose from. What else should be done? We can decide on weather too. In the spring and summer ones, we can decide how much rain there is, between heavy rain with storms, light rain, overcast, partly cloudy, or cloudless. For the spring blossoms one, we can have the falling flowers or not. For the early fall ones, we can have rainy, overcast, partly cloudy, or cloudless. And the late fall and winter ones should have snowy, overcast, partly cloudy, or cloudless. We don’t want limits like what we have in ACHHD. What if I want all of my animals living on the plots where the grass and trees are brown or an ugly shade of green (depending on type) with cloudless skies? I would like them to have unique plots too.

Missing Items

When I design my houses and facilities, there are some items I felt that are missing when I want to use them. For example, when I was making a Mexican restaurant, I wanted to know why there aren’t any other foods besides tacos, such as burritos, enchiladas, and fajitas. I’m not surprised to see all of the Zen items since Animal Crossing is a Japanese game. I mean, if it came from the US, you would see a lot more American items, including the chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, American flag (wall furniture), Hollywood Sign, and a lot of armadillo villagers while stuff like the spring blossom season, Japanese food, Zen items/theme, and lot of the Asiastic items and furniture would be missing. If we have license agreements, we might even get the In-N-Out theme or the Five Guys theme as DLC (those are rarely heard of outside the US). Of course, Mexican and Canadian items would still be scarce, but not as scarce if it was from the US than if it was from Japan. Oh, and by the way, the Exotic Series and imperial items don’t look Zen. They look like Chinese items and architecture.

Aside to the international items, there’s a lot more items they appear to be missing. There are illuminated items, but where’s the illuminated arch? They also don’t appear to have the flower arch or the balloon arch. I’m glad that they got all of the trees, shrubs, and flowers possible, but there are some items in ACNL that don’t appear in ACHHD.

If you were going over the changes between the GameCube Version and Wild World, you would see a lot of items removed. Other than the NES games and holiday furniture, there was another item that was dropped out in the transition – slot machines. I really think if would be cool if we had a casino set if we turned an animal house into a casino. Yes, I get it that some countries don’t allow gambling references in video games, but I wish we had the slot machine returned, but only in the US version (not even the North American version). Aside to that, they could also add a roulette wheel, a poker table, a keno machine, and a blackjack table. I know it’s not going to happen, as I should feel shame for suggesting it, but there were gambling references in some Nintendo exclusives. In fact, the whole turnip prices thing is really gambling in-game. Another thing they can do is make the arcade machines modifiable to change the video games, not just the frame. They can also introduce the ticket arcade games and redemption booths to make ticket arcades (the arcades where you earn tickets for prizes).

Saving your outfits

Are you tired of looking for the same clothing items when playing ACHHD? I think they should add a feature where you can save the outfits when you visit a facility or house.

What I mean is that you can make your own combination like you always do, then tap a save button to add an outfit to your “my outfits” tab, so you can quickly change outfits without looking for the same items.

Developer Favorites

This is the last suggestion I will discuss today. In case if you’re wondering, I used to be a huge player of Little Big Planet. The purpose is to create and share levels while others can play your levels. Some are really good levels while others are poorly done. However, there are a handful of levels that the staff would consider the best of honor. Those are known as Media Molecule Picks, or most commonly known as Mm Picks. I always wanted to get an Mm Pick, but it’s not worth getting anymore since they aren’t as valuable as they once were. Another selection of levels were the Cool Pages, a selection of the most popular levels at the moment.

In Happy Home Designer, there was a new feature introduced as soon as it hit the US stores, the Happy Home Network. You can see many house designs shared, including the most popular at the minute and the newest projects. You can see your favorites as well. For a short period of time, my Mexican Restaurant design was in the spotlight as one of the most popular, but then it disappeared from the spotlight. It got ratings exponentially, but now I haven’t earned a single rating in five days on it.

The problem with Nintendo’s HHN is that there are no permanent selections other than “Favorites” or “Your Ratings”. Certain projects remain to be in spotlight, but after two to three days in the spotlight, it can’t be accessed anymore, unless if someone entered the code to visiting.

I really think there should be a selection called “Nintendo Picks”, where all of the designs that Nintendo liked most will be in the spotlight and remain permanent as long as the HHN lives. In this case, anyone browsing the HHN will visit your projects, not just those who know your code or those who have you on their favorites. They might even have a selection where the best of honor goes to on each villager and facility. Only one of each will show up, and they may not be on spot forever.


4 thoughts on “Suggestions to make Happy Home Designer better

  1. Re: Undo/Redo Option
    If you open the trash can, the last items you ditched will be in there.

    I would love an undo or a redo when picking a client site. More than once I’ve accidentally doomed a villager to live in the rain forever because I wasn’t paying attention …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know about the trash can feature. It’s just that we don’t want to rely on manpower to undo an action we just done.

      As for villager plots, when you choose that you want to remodel, you should pick “new house” in order to find a different plot.


      1. Yes, I’ve done that for certain villagers. (I admit to having a grudge against Bob, though, so I left him in the rain.) It would be nice to have that choice at the beginning … like, “does this seem good?” If yes, off you go to set up their house. If not, you start over.


  2. Great post! I especially like the “more seasons” idea. After a while, I get a little bored seeing the same scenery. I’d really like a summer day with a rainbow in the back :3

    Also, it’s interesting you mention the casino items because that made me remember when Pokemon Blue had the casinos that you can go to and play slots (one of my favourite parts of the game, ahaha). In later versions, they got rid of it and introduce really boring mini-games instead -_-

    Liked by 1 person

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