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TotW Facilities: Country Life

It’s the time of the week that I share pictures of what I did to the facilities. Last week, I shown what the school, the two shops, the café, and the hotel were like if you were in the city. During the weekend, I switched these five facilities up to the country style. These 30 pictures best explain what I did this week, just like last week.

Yes, Andrea does like to dress up a lot, especially to fit the theme that surrounds her. In the facilities, she would dress normal as if there was no theme, but when we go to villager houses, she has her Theme of the Week outfit on (like the city planner uniform).

Old Country School

This is the third time I remodeled the school, but also the second time with Digby. Last week’s school had larger classrooms. This week, I shrank each classroom down and went to the old school style. Schools these days are more modernized in technology. Older schools never looked like that. Here are the pictures of what the school would be like under the country theme.


Country School 1

Country School 2


Country School 3

Country School 4

Country School 5

Country School 6

Lunch Class:

Country School 7

Country School 8

Country School 9

Country School 10

General Store

In large cities, there are many medium to large shops that sell only one commodity. In smaller towns, as well as the countryside, we might have a few shops that sell a little bit of everything. I switched up my convenience store from last week and turned it into a general store this week. This country store sells a little bit of everything, but only the older stuff. No power in the country = no need for TVs, radios, or phones.

Country Store 1

Country Store 2

Country Store 3

Country Store 4

Country Store 5

Country Furniture Store

So you’re living in the country, right? Just because you’re not in the city doesn’t mean you don’t need furniture. In fact, you still do. This furniture store is not only country themed, but the products are country themed as well. And there’s more than just furniture sold here. Near the window, there are other goodies to buy.

Country Shop 1

Country Shop 2

Country Shop 3

Country Shop 4

Country Shop 5

Country Kitchen

This restaurant can be found in both the city and the country, but it goes to the country theme rather than the city theme. If the atmosphere is a Southern atmosphere, then I bettye food is Southern cooking too. This time, the tables have been cleaned, thanks to the staff that cleaned this restaurant.

Country Café 1

Country Café 2

Country Café 3

Country Café 4

Country Café 5

Country Hotel

Not all hotels are very nice. While we like to spend the nights at a luxurious hotel or a normal hotel, those aren’t good for stopping at in the middle of the road. Smaller and more disappointing hotels are better for road trips than the larger and nicer ones. Also, this hotel has only one floor since I like to stick with the theme.

Country Hotel 1

Country Hotel 2

Country Hotel 3

Country Hotel 4

Country Hotel 5

Due to the large size a hotel generally has, I’ll bring it up to 10 pictures next week. It appears that 5 pictures isn’t enough for the hotel, just like for the school. Anyway, that’s it for the facility side of the theme. Do you want to see more facility pictures? Check out this blog next Wednesday. Do you want to see more country pictures? Check out this blog tomorrow.


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