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TotW Villagers: Country Life

You might have seen the facilities from yesterday, right? Today will be about the villager homes stylized for the country theme. These 25 pictures will show what the country is like.

The five villagers I decorated for this week are Walker, Fauna, Groucho, Diana, and Sly. Andrea is dressed up like a cowgirl to fit the country theme. So she’s just another wanderer who lives in the countryside.

Cabin in the Forest

Villager: Walker

On the outside of this lazy dog’s house, I used only pine trees since I’m thinking the coniferous forest more when I think of the country. But on the inside, I gave more of a vision of what it’s like to be in the country. The main room represents the forest people live in, and the second room is a cabin in the middle of the forest.

Country A1

Country A2

Country A3

Country A4

Country A5


Villager: Fauna

The wilderness would be a perfect site to go camping at, but stay away from the wild animals. It appears that there is no tent, so I used a range for a campsite. This house is similar to the basement in Jenny’s house from StarFall, but thanks to the larger room, I was able to put in more stuff. Even though I planned out next week’s theme to be fall, the only forest background I could find is the fall background, so I used that instead. This idea may be beaten to death in my Theme of the Week series, but I only picked this for a reason. Anyway, this house is to resemble a campsite. I had enough camping cots with a lantern, a propane stove, and a backpack, fenced from the rest of the forest. Also, I made up my own lake that is surrounded by rocks. I even have a picture of it, but don’t worry about Andrea. She knows how to float in water by feet. If you want to know what the sprinklers are for, it’s to enhance the sound effects for the lake. I placed a few crickets for more effects as well. One more thing. You may live in the woods to hunt deer. You can’t hunt deer this time. It’s a deer that is camping in the woods, and it’s Fauna, the normal deer.

Country B1

Country B2

Country B3

Country B4

Country B5

Country Farm

Villager: Groucho

Another key part about the country theme is the farm. The farm sub-theme would go under almost anything. Medieval, western, country, anything. I made a farm themed house for Groucho the cranky bear (name matches the personality btw). The outside is a wheat farm, but the inside is just a barn. There’s no livestock. It’s just a tool shed.

Country C1

Country C2

Country C3

Country C4

Country C5

Country Home

Villager: Diana

As part of the country theme, I also had a regular house that follows the American Country style. On the outside of this house, I placed more pine trees to show a good setting for a country house that looks like any normal house. On the inside, I used the Ranch series, including the kitchen part. The funny part is that one of the villagers (Ava) likes to have a country kitchen since she is all about cooking. Another villager (Caroline) requested to have a country themed house before. Diana the snooty deer asked for something else initially, and I made her live in this instead.

Country D1

Country D2

Country D3

Country D4

Country D5

Fishing Lake

Villager: Sly

The last house I decorated for the country theme is this jock alligator’s house. Fishing is a popular activity to do in the countryside, so I turned the house into a lake to go fishing at in the middle of the woods. At the same time, I placed a dock and fenced it. By the way, that tool rack was meant to be a fishing rod rack. And let’s forget about the outside. That is just to show what environment the lake is part of.

Country E1

Country E2

Country E3

Country E4

Country E5

And that concludes the Country theme for Theme of the Week. We seen cabins in the woods, campsites, farms, country houses, and fishing lakes. Next week will be about the fall, just like what I said in this entry. Sorry for the spoiler.


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