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Spin-off Idea: Museum Quest

So Week Five for Animal Crossing Spin-offs is almost over, but Week Two for Theme of the Week is nearly done, so I’m going to wrap it up with another idea, just like Week One was wrapped up by a spin-off idea. Last week’s theme appears to be about the city, and the game idea at the end was about designing a town. This week’s theme was about the country, so will this theme be coincidential to the game idea? You can refer to the game ideas I came up with on the first week of this site to see what else I came up with. And it appears that Museum Quest is the next one in line.

Just like how the Town Designer game idea from last week is an extent to the town design feature and the actual video game Happy Home Designer is an extent to the interior design feature, Museum Quest is an extent to another feature. This one is about donating to the museum, one of my favorite features in AC. This time, Blathers will be the main NPC, and gathering the items will be much more challenging than in New Leaf. You won’t have your own house, but there is a field where you can catch any fish or insect. And this game relies on real time.



The Museum is the main one. There are eight exhibit wings to donate to, four extra exhibits where you can decorate, and four museum attractions.

When you leave the museum, you will have the option to go to the empty field or go home. To save, you have to go home. To work on your quest, you have to go to the field.


  • Shovel – use this to dig up unidentified fossils. Beware, you might dig up other junk too.
  • Pickaxe – use this to break open rocks. You will get unidentified ore, just like unidentified fossils.
  • Net – use this to catch insects. It’s the same way as it was in New Leaf.
  • Fishing Rod – use this to catch fish. The fishing mechanic is different this time.
  • Cage – use this to catch reptiles. You have to lure them into the cage to get them.
  • Watering Can – use this to grow hybrid flowers.
  • Slingshot – use this to shoot down balloons to collect town models.
  • Wetsuit – use this to go under the sea to catch deep sea creatures.

Time and Seasons:

The time feature is the same as in the regular games. You can also time travel if you want to cheat. The purpose is for the character to know when to catch fish, insects, seafood, and reptiles. Also, new flowers grow everyday, new rocks and cracks form everyday, and Redd appears every Monday.

Other Features:

One of them is the disposal feature. Somewhere in the Museum, you can dispose some duplicates, fake art, and junk. Place them there to permanently delete them from the game.

You can also change your character’s outfit to any outfit you feel like, just like the other spin-offs. There’s no uniform in this game. Just choose what you like.


The purpose is to donate to the Museum, like in other games. There are eight exhibit wings to donate to.


There are 100 fish you can catch with the fishing rod. While only four can be caught in holding ponds, half of the remaining fish swim in the rivers, and the other half live in the sea.


There are 100 insects you can catch in the game. These include butterflies, beetles, and other bugs.


There are 50 deep sea creatures you can catch while using the diving suit. At the same time, there are 50 reptiles you can catch with the cage (not including alligators or crocodiles).


You can donate plant products too. And this isn’t just for the insect wing. There’s also a botanical garden in the museum that is solely for plants. Sometimes, saplings and starts may grow randomly. You can dig them and talk to Blathers about identifying what type of plant it is. You can also try growing hybrid flowers in the field. There are eight different colors for the six flower types in the game.


When you dig up a fossil, you must send it to Blathers for identification, just like in previous games. If it’s a duplicate, you can throw it away. If it’s something they never got, it will be taken right away. There are 100 fossils to donate in total.


When you break open rocks, you will find some ore. Just like fossils, Blathers has to identify the ore. The mechanic is the same as fossils, but not the same items. There are 100 minerals to donate in total.


The art donation is similar to previous games. You will get to find it at Redd’s tent. There are 75 different paintings to get and 25 different statues. Some of the works of art are counterfeit, but there are obvious differences on all of the art and statues. You can only take one per day, so choose wisely.


Every five to ten minutes, balloons will fly over the field. You can shoot them down to claim some prizes. The balloons carry town models that you can donate.

Custom Exhibits:

There is a custom exhibit feature in this game, just like in New Leaf. When you donate more items, you will unlock more furniture and other items you can put up in your custom exhibits. There are only four in the game, and you cannot share your custom exhibits, unfortunately.


Aside to the exhibit donations and custom exhibits, there are four attractions. There are only two attractions per floor, except for the main floor, which has no attractions.

  • Café – a classic restaurant in the basement of the museum. The entry to the Café is on the left side of the openings in the basement. You can eat there once in a while if you feel like it.
  • Gift Shop – a gift shop in the basement, but towards the front. You will see more commodities as you make more donations. The more complete the Museum is, the fuller the gift shop’s merchandise shelves will be.
  • Observatory – an exhibition where you can see the stars or learn more about astronomy. The more complete the Museum is, the more information you can see in the Observatory.
  • Donation Completion Center – the list of books in the second floor lobby you can see. Over there, you can check out what you have donated to the Museum.

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