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TotW Facilities: Fall Festival

As we’re heading towards the middle of the fall, I might show you what I did this week. Like the first two weeks, Wednesday is for facilities and Thursday is for villagers. So today is about fall-themed facilities. All of these facilities show that we’re in the middle of a forest of falling leaves or mushrooms. This time, as well as in future weeks, there are 35 facility pictures. But the animal pictures are still 25.

Fall Classes

In school, we normally have two semesters. The first semester is usually known as the “fall semester”, as the second semester is the “spring semester”. Since the school is decorated for the fall, we’re literally in the fall semester. Are they math classes? English classes? No, they can be any, but the theme applies. The hallway appears to be the same as always, but both classrooms are in two different forests. One of them is a mushroom forest, but the other is a forest of fallen leaves and fallen trees. Both are the forests of the fall.


Fall School 1

Fall School 2

Forest of fallen leaves:

Fall School 3

Fall School 4

Fall School 5

Fall School 6

Mushroom forest:

Fall School 7

Fall School 8

Fall School 9

Fall School 10

Fall Convenience Store

While most of the remaining facilities look like the forest of fallen leaves, this one looks like a mushroom forest. This isn’t a furniture shop, but it is general goods. You can buy fruits, mushrooms, fall-themed furniture, and fall-themed decorations, including Halloween, Thanksgivings, Day of the Dead, and generic fall decorations. However, the “decoractions” commodity was given to the store shelves, which can be anything since it looks vague.

Fall Store 1

Fall Store 2

Fall Store 3

Fall Store 4

Fall Store 5

Fall Furniture Shop

Remember how I made last week’s shop a furniture store for the Ranch Series? I did the same thing for this week, but only with the Mush Series, the most generic fall-themed furniture series since Wild World. If you’re decorating for the fall, it’s time to switch up and let those mushrooms grow.

Fall Shop 1

Fall Shop 2

Fall Shop 3

Fall Shop 4

Fall Shop 5

Fall Bakery

This was one of ideas I had planned out prior to this game’s release. To fit the fall theme, I changed everything in the Café to make it look like a bakery and ice cream parlor with a fall forest setting. It’s also known as the Fall Sweets House. If I had to stick with a permanent theme for the Café, this is what I would honestly choose. The bad news: there are no pumpkin rolls with cream filling served at this restaurant. But there are many other sweets to get. The last four months is a perfect time for sweets, more typically from Halloween or Christmas.

Fall Café 1

Fall Café 2

Fall Café 3

Fall Café 4

Fall Café 5

Autumnal Cabin Lodges

The change-up from last week to this week besides the theme was the new pictures. This time, I have three pictures from the lobby, two from Room 01, two from Room 02, and three from the the banquet hall. Notice that the fruits on the first floor are decorations, but the ones on the second floor are food. And the hotel rooms, are cabins in the middle of a forest rather than forest-themed rooms. But the banquet hall is still in the forest.

Fall Hotel 1

Fall Hotel 2

Fall Hotel 3

Fall Hotel 4

Fall Hotel 5

Fall Hotel 6

Fall Hotel 7

Fall Hotel 8

Fall Hotel 9

Fall Hotel 10

The fall theme still continues, but the facilities are done for the week. I do like the theme, but I am more proud of myself over the Café and the Hotel. The generic theme appear to be about forests, wood, leaves, and mushrooms, but there’s more coming in the future. So what did you think of my work? Did you like what I did, or do you think I have overdone the very beautiful forest backgrounds? Of course it’s going to be used a lot this week, especially with poor lighting. Jenny’s house in ACNL wasn’t even enough.


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