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TotW Villagers: Fall Festival

It’s that time of the week again. You may have seen the facilities, but what about the villagers? They aren’t specific for one fall holiday, but they are in the generic theme. There are 25 pictures that will take you to the spirit of the fall.

This week, all of my villagers are squirrels. Fall is a good season for squirrels, raccoons, owls, and foxes. I don’t have Tom Nook, Blathers, or Redd, but I do have the squirrels. The five squirrels are Marshal, Peanut, Caroline, Sheldon, and Blaire. Andrea is wearing fall-related clothes this time. She’s always in the spirit when it comes to anything.

Fall Festival

Villager: Marshal

Marshal’s house outside seems to have a limited backyard to be in (thanks to that lake), but the inside looks like a party. There are lights everywhere, with two party tables on the right. There’s also a cabin in the left side. That would be the activity cabin, where you can play games or make fall-themed crafts.

Fall A1

Fall A2

Fall A3

Fall A4

Fall A5

Autumn Cabin

Villager: Peanut

Peanut’s house is similar to Diana’s, but only with a front yard and backyard. Another villager that has a similar house is Sly, who has a fishing lake with a dock. This time, she doesn’t have a kitchen, but there are fall elements in the cabin. You’ll be seeing the cabin series in my houses a lot, especially during the seasons. Unfortunately, the cabin series doesn’t look “fall” enough. That’s why I added fall elements. This includes fruits, mushrooms, and a Thanksgiving dinner.

Fall B1

Fall B2

Fall B3

Fall B4

Fall B5

Fall Campsite

Villager: Caroline

This one appears to be a repeat of Fauna’s campsite, but only different this time. Now there are two camps in the middle of this dark forest, with a cabin. It’s quite similar to Walker’s house from last week, and definitely the opposite of Peanut’s house. The front yard looks a lot bigger, and nicer. And this time, there are no lakes. But there is a river surrounding the plot.

Fall C1

Fall C2

Fall C3

Fall C4

Fall C5

Mushroom Forest

Villager: Sheldon

The other emphasis on fall is the mushroom theme. Sheldon’s house looks like a mushroom in the middle of a forest of red trees. Inside, it’s the wild wherever you go. One part of the forest is a party room with a whole bunch of mushroom tables, and the other is a bedroom. So it’s outdoors wherever you go.

Fall D1

Fall D2

Fall D3

Fall D4

Fall D5

Tables of the Fall

Villager: Blaire

Unlike the previous houses, Blaire’s house has only one room. This time, it’s a party room, with five tables. None of them have the same theme. The only theme they have in common is fall. Basically, they are the five themes of the fall in the forest of the fall. The Sweets theme was actually a GracieGrace theme in ACCF and ACNL. It’s sold during the fall. And we know that Halloween and Thanksgivings are fall holidays (or fallidays since they are holidays in the fall). What about the other two? Since I focused on autumn trees and mushrooms this week, you would obviously know that they are fall themed. What made these tables even more special is the items I placed on the top. The sweets themed table had sweet snacks, the fall themed table had fruits (for harvest), the mush themed table had mushrooms, the Halloween themed table had candy, and the Thanksgivings themed table had a turkey dinner. So I always stuck to the same theme in each area, but fall appears to be about everything in this room.

Fall E1

Fall E2

Fall E3

Fall E4

Fall E5

Right now, it’s still in the middle of the fall, so I hope you enjoy the rest of the season. Even if the winter hype begins in December 1st, the fall still lasts until December 20th.


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