Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: Halloween Fair

So what has happened last week? I went through the villager homes and facilities, decorating them for the fall theme. Half of all of the facilities turned into forests, ranging from shop forests to bakeries. And the squirrels had their autumnal makeovers. Marshal is the director of his own fall festival, Peanut has a large cabin, Caroline has a smaller cabin in a forest with camps, Sheldon lives in a mushroom forest, and Blaire is the queen of themed tables for the fall.

This week, we are still staying in the fall, but we’re going deeper into one of the holidays of the season – Halloween. Since Halloween is this week, I don’t want to miss out and not have Halloween-themed houses up here. If I can decorate for the fall, then I’m sure that I can decorate for Halloween. Saturday is the day people will come to your door and ask for candy. Before that happens, I would like to show you guys on what I did in ACHHD for Halloween.

You see, Halloween is my favorite holiday, mainly to decorate for. When I was in the 11th grade, I made Halloween crafts for some friends at school. I also carved three funkins last year, and placed glow sticks in them. Funkins aren’t real pumpkins, but they are more durable, and you can use safer and more colorful lighting in them. I have so many Halloween decorations, and I use them again next year. In Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, I made a scenario I called “Halloween Fair”. It was not just Halloween-themed, but also the best kind of Halloween celebration.

A lot of people would dress up for Halloween and get some candy from other houses. Some rather pass out candy than go trick-or-treating. Some go to Halloween parties out of home. Some don’t get involved in field activities, but rather watch spooky movies or do other Halloween-related things. And others don’t get involved at all. Halloween isn’t celebrated worldwide, and it’s not as huge as it once was, but it’s still big. Did you know: Kaylee’s birthday is in October, Jenny’s birthday is the closest to Halloween, and Penny’s birthday is on the same day of the week as Halloween? You may not be familiar with those girls, but those are the original StarFall Crew members. This week, you will see haunted places, Halloween parties, and other things related to Halloween.


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