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TotW Facilities: Halloween Fair

The scare factor of this blog entry won’t have high ratings, but I can show the pictures I took of the facilities I redecorated for this week. While the department store I shown yesterday is supposed to be permanent, these five facilities are still temporary. Some are scary, but others are not just Halloween-themed (they’re Halloween party-themed). I’m not sure how scary these 35 pictures can get, but they are for this week’s theme.

School of Nightmares

This is a perfect example to prove why to hate school. I can understand that people find it horrible. Teachers give out too much homework, there are bullies everywhere, school lunches are gross, and the work is too hard for students. This school isn’t any better. In fact, it’s worse. It is a haunted school where teachers are more insane than ever. The only bullies in the school are the undead. Dark knights are the hall monitors of this school. One of these classrooms is a dark and infinite abyss with a few floating platforms. The “document stacks” on the cruddy tables represent the tons of homework teachers give. The other room is an old, beaten up room. It may not be as scary as the abyss, but the teacher is a lot worse. The prison cell in the back is the detention center, and students that misbehave or don’t do their homework are sent back there.


Spooky School 1

Spooky School 2


Spooky School 3

Spooky School 4

Spooky School 5

Spooky School 6

Old Room:

Spooky School 7

Spooky School 8

Spooky School 9

Spooky School 10

Halloween Party Store

If you don’t have enough Halloween decorations for your house or business (or if you don’t have any at all), you can go to this store and buy some. It not only sells decorations, but it also sells costumes and candy. Be sure to buy the candy, or you will be tricked on. The left side of the store has the decorations, while the right side has the costumes. In the middle, there are three rows of candies, with three different types. This is similar to one of the stores in the Department Store I shown yesterday.

Spooky Store 1

Spooky Store 2

Spooky Store 3

Spooky Store 4

Spooky Store 5

Halloween Furniture Shop

You’re probably not surprised that I turned the second store into a furniture shop since the week of the countryside. I remembered when it wasn’t a furniture store. Anyhow, last week was mushroom furniture. This week, it’s on Halloween furniture. This is the completed Spooky Series. They can be used all year, but they are best for Halloween. It’s kinda pathetic that they used a Jack-o-Lantern design on all of them rather than making them look scary or just normal with Halloween decorations, but this was an original series since the GameCube version.

Spooky Shop 1

Spooky Shop 2

Spooky Shop 3

Spooky Shop 4

Spooky Shop 5

Halloween Party at the Café

Even the Café is not unaffected by the Theme of the Week. This time, rather than being spooky, it’s more of a restaurant that celebrates Halloween parties. They sell American food like always, but they also sell promotional foods, which are pumpkin pies (which I associate with Thanksgivings rather than Halloween). Are there sales on food? Is there a dance? Not really, but at least this place is decorated well for Halloween.

 Spooky Café 1

Spooky Café 2

Spooky Café 3

Spooky Café 4

Spooky Café 5

Gothic Hotel

Like the Café, I turned the hotel into a party facility. Without the Halloween decorations, this would be more of a renaissance-themed hotel, where the furniture look old-fashioned, and the rooms look rich. The banquet hall upstairs is ready for a Halloween party while the rooms are tranquil from all of the noise if you don’t want to hear them. I have three pictures of the lobby, two of Room 01, two of Room 02, and three of the banquet hall.

Spooky Hotel 1

Spooky Hotel 2

Spooky Hotel 3

Spooky Hotel 4

Spooky Hotel 5

Spooky Hotel 6

Spooky Hotel 7

Spooky Hotel 8

Spooky Hotel 9

Spooky Hotel 10

There are more pictures coming tomorrow. As you see, as long as Halloween comes, I’m always in the spirit for it.


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