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TotW Villagers: Halloween Fair

I’m back for more hauntings. Yesterday’s entry was about facilities and how they are looking scary, but today’s entry is about the villagers. Purrl, Katt, Skye, T-Bone, and Pate are the villagers I picked for this week. Andrea is dressed up for Halloween. She picked the witch costume. These 25 pictures range from celebration to scary.

Spooky Castle

Villager: Purrl

The scary adventure begins at the haunted castle in the middle of a village. This one is actually my least favorite one because they didn’t have the right items I wanted, but I still had to do this. The main room is what’s inside a haunted castle. Upstairs would be a bedroom for who owns the castle. Downstairs isn’t one floor below, but more like millions of miles below surface, into Hell. However, since it’s just one house, it’s only one floor below the main room (literally). But I decided to turn the basement to Hell as an addition to the scare of this house.

Spooky A1

Spooky A2

Spooky A3

Spooky A4

Spooky A5

Ghost Train

Villager: Katt

Now this house would be very interesting. I transformed this uchi cat’s house into a ride station. However, you won’t get to see the whole ride because this game is Happy Home Designer, not Roller Coaster Tycoon. But that certainly didn’t stop me from designing at least the ride station. The front yard was actually a waiting line for the ride, as the house itself is the station. The screens represent the gates. They are closed, but when you’re on the ride, the gates will open, and you will be ready for a big ride. The track behind is actually part of the ride, but it cuts through the station. And the white cars represent the ride cars you get on before it moves onto the track. Waiting lines are empty because the ride is still under a test run, but I can show you some pictures before it opens.

Spooky B1

Spooky B2

Spooky B3

Spooky B4

Spooky B5

Halloween Party

Villager: Skye

Have you found a good costume? Are you ready for treats and candy? Wanna play games or dance? Then this house is the right place for you to go to. I turned this normal wolf’s house into a house for Halloween parties. The outdoor tables are for eating, but the indoor tables are for playing games. Sometimes, Halloween parties are more fun than just trick-or-treating (yes, I live in the United States, where Halloween is taken more seriously).

Spooky C1

Spooky C2

Spooky C3

Spooky C4

Spooky C5


Villager: T-Bone

I wouldn’t really want to go the whole week without showing a graveyard. The outside isn’t that bad, but I still want to show it. The inside is what’s scary. The main room rather represents the outdoors than indoors. Those windows where you look out, you’re really looking inside a house or something. The other room is a crypt. A vault. It’s pretty small and shallow to be a vault, but you can see places like these in cemeteries. Don’t disturb the others’ rests, unless if you’re T-Bone, the cranky bull. He can disturb the others’ rests without waking them up.

Spooky D1

Spooky D2

Spooky D3

Spooky D4

Spooky D5

Haunted House

Villager: Pate

And now, here’s the finale of the fourth week of Theme of the Week! This is the classic haunted house, which takes place in a stormy region, is old and beaten up, and ridden with ghosts. I picked this plot because of the storm, but the grass looks ugly-green, which makes a perfect environment for a haunted house. Those “ghosts” are really ghost masks, but I used them as ghosts for the house. You couldn’t eat, sleep, or hang out with your friends at home if you live here, because the ghosts are everywhere. And the basement, really frightening. Other than the wooden deck, there is no floor, and that hole is an infinite abyss. Once you go inside the hole (which is more of a chasm), you will fall indefinitely. The lesson, stay within the chains. There are ghosts that come from that hole too, which is the source of all of the ghosts in the house.

Spooky E1

Spooky E2

Spooky E3

Spooky E4

Spooky E5

And that’s all for Week Four. I’ll still publish a game idea tomorrow, but you have to realize that there are no more scary pictures to upload.


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