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Spin-off Idea: Story Editor

It’s been over a month since ACHHD has come out, and this is going to be my last blog entry for the month. It’s not that I’m going to be too busy with stuff, it’s just that there’s not much time left in the month. I previously talked about a game idea that enhances town designa game idea that extends the museum feature, and a tycoon spin-off of Animal Crossing. Today’s entry is about the story editor, where you get to make your own Choose-your-own-Adventure.


The purpose of the game is to create as many adventures as you want. This involves making scenes, making dialogue, writing questions and answers, and deciding what scene comes after answering.

At the main menu, you can choose to create a new adventure, play an older adventure (including sample adventures), or manage adventures (which includes sharing, deletion, and editing).

Each adventure takes place in a town like New Leaf’s, but the adventure is about the life of animals. There are 12 villagers in a town, plus you have the Town Hall, Re-Tail, Plaza, Train Station, and Main Street. The main characters are the animals with a duplicate personality in the town. You get to choose between 24 villagers at start as long as there is at least one of each personality and no more than two. You can also use amiibo Cards to unlock villagers that aren’t currently available.

Making Questions and Answers:

This is one of the main parts. Once you choose to end the scene and save to book, you will get to compose the questions. The maximum amount of scenes you can have is 5,461, but there’s a reason why. The maximum amount of questions you can have per playthrough is six, which means seven total scenes per playthrough, and four answers/outcomes per question. You also have a minimum of three questions per playthrough, which makes four scenes minimum in each playthrough, and two answers/outcomes per question. The total outcomes range from 8 to 4096.

When you’re at the point of writing questions and answers, you write just like you write letters. The questions are at the end of a scene, which leads to answers that begin a scene. You can also go back to an answer that doesn’t have a scene yet, or replace a scene with another. If the scene already has a question after, it will discard the question.

Once one string of events from the first few question has three more scenes, you will have the option to terminate the adventure or add a question. If it reaches six more scenes, you will be forced to terminate the adventure at that string. If you terminated the adventure at all possible outcomes, you can either edit the scenes, or save the adventure. You can always go back and edit if you’re not finished or if you want to revise it for any reason.

Making Scenes:

Creating scenes has a similar gameplay as ACNL, except for a few things. You cannot do any town decorating, interior decorating, pattern designing, or donations, but you can cut down trees, grow flowers, or buy items.

Making scenes also includes making dialogue between villagers, including the villager you control and the villager(s) you talk to.

A scene begins when you start working on an answer’s outcome. It can be as long as you want, but I recommend that you should limit to 10 to 15 minutes per scene. If there’s an error you made, you can tap the undo icon, which deletes the current scene and starts a new scene. If you like the scene, you can press the stop icon, which saves the scene and gives you a question on whether you want to keep it or throw away. Choose to keep in order to right the next question.

Changing the Setup:

Before or after you make the scene, you will be given the option to change the setup. The process of changing the setup won’t contribute to the story, but the change in setup does affect the story in some way. This includes deciding what Timmy and Tommy sells, what is inside a tree or a rock, or what fish appear in the ocean. You can even change the weather, the time of the day, and the time of the year.

Sharing an Adventure:

Once you save an adventure, you can test the adventure and see how you did. After that, you will be given the opportunity to share an adventure online, like dream towns. This way, people can play your adventures. If there’s inappropriate content, it can be reported to be removed.


Here is a sample adventure I came up for this idea:

The Dare Game

It’s another winter morning, and Marshal has came out of home. Somehow, Camofrog stops him and challenges him in a dare challenge. If he can complete the dare, he will get 10,000 Bells. If he doesn’t, Camofrog will push him into a pitfall. He has three dares given, but only one dare to claim the prize.

  1. Catch a bee – Marshal walks to a fruitless tree as he promises to catch a bee, but he is nervous about shaking the tree.
    1. Shake tree, bees fall out – a beehive falls out, but Marshal was still scared.
      1. He catches the bee – Marshall successfully caught the bee, showing that he was lucky for once. He has completed his dare challenge, but he has a choice of whether he can give it to Camofrog, or he can give it to Barold to help on his honey production.
        1. Give to Camofrog – since Marshal completed the dare, he returns to Camofrog and gives him the bee. As a result, he was given 10,000 Bells and was given the rest of the day off.
        2. Give to Barold – Marshal decided to give to Barold since he remembered that he is working on honey to make Bells. Marshal helped Barold benefit, but when Camofrog found out that Marshal gave Barold the bee, he pushed Marshal in a pitfall and blocks it to keep him inside.
      2. He runs, then gets stung – Marshal got stung on attempt. He returns to Camofrog to inform that he fails. Camofrog laughs, but he has another option.
        1. Give Marshal medicine – despite his cranky personality, Camofrog gave Marshal medicine for attempting to catch the bee and apologizes for giving him a dangerous dare. Marshal was set free.
        2. Push Marshal into a pitfall – Camofrog shown no sympathy and added insult to injury. He pushed Marshall into a pitfall, and leaves him there.
      3. He runs inside a house for safety – he ran inside, but he found out that Mitzi was inside, having a party with Goldie. The two girls asked him why he barged, then he tells them the story. Mitzi got angry about Camofrog and left the house.
        1. Talk to Camofrog – Mitzi talks to Camofrog about the dare challenges and scolds him for it. He explained why he placed the dare challenge, but after being scolded, he learned his lesson to not do it again. He sets Marshall free without giving money away.
        2. Talk to Isabelle – Mitzi decided to take this issue a further step. She talks to Isabelle about what Camofrog did to Marshal, which resulted in Camofrog going to Town Hall for confrontation. He was punished by giving Marshal 10,000 Bells without having any dare completed.
    2. Shake tree, fan falls out – a piece of furniture fell out, which gave Marshal some relief. He picks it up and is ready to take it to Camofrog.
      1. He brings fan to Camofrog – Marshal fails to complete the bee challenge, buy at least he got a fan, which is what Camofrog wanted. He brings the fan to Camofrog for exchange for a prize.
        1. Camofrog accepts fan for 10,000 Bells – even if he didn’t complete the initial dare, Camofrog told him that he at least completed a dare and gave him 10,000 Bells. At the same time, he takes the fan from Marshal.
        2. Camofrog pushes Marshal into a pitfall – instead of accepting the fan, Camofrog decided to be an ungrateful frog and pushed Marshal into a pitfall. He runs off, leaving Marshal behind.
      2. He brings the fan home – Marshal decided that he was done for the day and brought his fan home. He turns it one and relaxes.
    3. Shake tree, nothing falls out – Marshal sighed as a result of shaking an empty tree, but he didn’t complete the dare. He may have to be pushed into a pitfall if he doesn’t catch a bee.
      1. Return to Camofrog – Marshal never got stung, but he realizes that he has to fall into a pitfall if he doesn’t bring a bee. Camofrog acknowledges that Marshal shook the tree, but he told him that he shouldn’t be lazy. Marshal refused to go back, so he fell into a pitfall.
      2. Find another tree – Marshal finds another tree, but this time, a beehive fell out. Marshal caught the bees and returned to Camofrog.
        1. Marshal gets a prize – since Marshal caught the bee, Camofrog was proud of him for it and gave him 10,000 Bells.
        2. Marshal gets scammed – Camofrog was rather mean and decided to take the bee without giving Marshal anything back. He pushed Marshal into a pitfall even if he completed the challenge. Goldie found him in the pitfall and saves him. Then she reports Camofrog to Isabelle. For scamming Marshal, he was forced to pay twice as much as he promised.
    4. Don’t shake tree – Marshal decided that he was too chickened to shake the tree, so he ends up not shaking. Since Camofrog was threatening to push him into a pitfall, he had an option to report him.
      1. Talk to Camofrog about failing – Marshal rather talk to Camofrog than shake the tree. He found out that Marshal was too chickened to even shake a tree, so he pushes him into a pitfall.
      2. Talk to Isabelle about the dare – Marshal told Isabelle about how mean Camofrog was, so he reports him. The dare got Camofrog in a bit of trouble, but he had no penalty. Instead, he has to stop making dares.
  2. Catch a coelacanth – Marshal walks to the ocean and starts fishing. His rod was caught on by a fish.
    1. Fish is coelacanth – Marshal caught a coelacanth. He has completed his dare, but he was given an option to take the coelacanth to Camofrog, or he can sell it for more Bells to buy a high-end stereo.
      1. Take to Camofrog – Marshal left the beach to take to Camofrog, but two girls stopped him. One was Whitney, who wanted the coelacanth for sale, but Rosie wanted it to complete her aquarium. Whitney promised a high-end stereo, but Rosie promised him 20,000 Bells.
        1. Trade to Whitney – Marshal traded the coelacanth for the same reason why he wanted to sell it before his decision making. Whitney gives Marshal the high-end stereo. He left back home, but he saw that Camofrog was fighting with Sheldon over making these dare challenges.
          1. Ignore the fight – Marshal ignored the argument between Sheldon and Camofrog, so he went inside his house and listened to music on his new radio.
          2. Break the fight – Marshal told Sheldon to back off and also admitted that he failed to complete his dare. Camofrog was about to push Marshal into a pitfall, but Sheldon tells him that he will be reported if he does, so Marshal was set free.
        2. Sell to Rosie – Marshal didn’t get the high-end stereo, but he got more than both what Camofrog promised and what they normally sell for. He heads over to T&T Emporium, buys a high-end stereo, and leaves back home.
        3. Take to Camofrog – Marshal rejects both girls’ requests and gave the coelacanth to Camofrog. Since he completed his dare, he earned 10,000 Bells.
      2. Sell to Re-Tail – Marshal left to the Re-Tail and was about to give it to Reese for 15,000 Bells. Camofrog appeared to be blocking the way, telling Marshal that he cannot be selling anything until he gives him the coelacanth. He preferred to make 5,000 more Bells than what Camofrog promised, but there’s no way around.
        1. Give to Camofrog – Marshal gave the coelacanth to Camofrog instead. For threatening to sell it, he got nothing out of the sale, but at least he doesn’t have to fall into a pitfall.
        2. Push him out of the way – Marshal still preferred to sell the coelacanth and let things go his way, so he pushed Camofrog out of the way and sold the coelacanth. It was premium price day for coelacanths too, so he got 30,000 Bells, but leaving the Re-Tail did put him in danger. He was pushed into a pitfall for not giving Camofrog the coelacanth.
    2. Fish is sea bass – Marshal caught a fish, but he was mad that he caught a sea bass instead of a coelacanth.
      1. Give to Camofrog – Marshal gave the most hated fish to Camofrog, which made him extremely angry. He pushed Marshal into a pitfall, and he plans on doing it every day until Marshal apologizes.
      2. Release and try again – Marshal released the sea bass and caught another fish, which was still a sea bass. After continuing to catch sea basses, he gives up and leaves, but only to realize that he will fall into a pitfall. He rather take the pitfall sacrifice, and ends up falling in one because of Camofrog.
    3. Fish gets away – Marshal threw a fit because the fish got away. He attempted to catch another fish.
      1. Marshal catches trash – it reeled in, but it was an empty can. Not using his best effort, he moved on and gave Camofrog the empty can. He pushed him into a pitfall for giving him trash. And he expects a 5,000 Bell fine.
      2. Fish got away – Marshal lost again, so this time, he gave up and went home. Camofrog asks for the fish, but he told him that he gave up. Camofrog pushed him into a pitfall for giving up.
  3. Buy him a fan – Marshal decided to take the easy path and do some shopping. On his way to Main Street, he has to check if he has enough Bells for a fan.
    1. Marshal has enough Bells – because of that, Marshal went to Main Street.
      1. Shop is closed – since the shop was closed, he went to Tom Nook to ask why it was closed. He told him that Timmy and Tommy weren’t getting enough business, so they closed the store indefinitely. He returns to Camofrog, told him that the shop was closed. Camofrog didn’t care, so he pushed him into a pitfall.
      2. Fan is not in stock – Marshal found out that no fan is available, but they do have what he wanted – a high-end stereo. Plus, the fan is on Marshal’s catalog, but not the stereo.
        1. Buy the stereo – Marshal rather spend his money on what he wants and not what Camofrog wants. He got the stereo, but he was also pushed into a pitfall.
        2. Order a fan – Marshal ordered the fan on his catalog, then told Camofrog that he ordered a fan. Camofrog admitted that he didn’t really want the fan, but he did want to test Marshal’s shopping skills. Camofrog set him free and allowed him to keep the fan to himself.
      3. Fan is in stock – Marshal was delighted to see the fan, but he also sees a high-end stereo. Marshal has enough Bells for only one. He has to decide.
        1. He buys the fan – by doing this, Marshal completed his dare, and Camofrog gave him the 10,000 Bells. It was also enough Bells to buy the high-end stereo.
        2. He buys the stereo – Marshal rather buy for himself, but this angered Camofrog, so he pushed him into a pitfall.
    2. Marshal doesn’t have enough Bells – because of this, he can’t buy the fan. However, he did find 10,000 Bells laying in the Plaza, but that’s Whitney’s bells.
      1. Steal the Bells – Marshal took the Bells so he could spend on a fan. Camofrog encouraged it, but Whitney was mad. That was her money. Camofrog got mad at Whitney for not being responsible. Marshal ran off, but was reported to Isabelle. Marshal and Camofrog were both punished by the entire town, ordered to do community service for 31 days.
      2. Give up – Marshal knew that those were Whitney’s Bells, so he ran off. Camofrog got mad at Marshal for not having enough Bells. He told him that he should’ve regretted not stealing, but Marshal appealed to morals rather than the challenge. He was pushed into a pitfall, but Whitney saved him for not stealing.

There are other samples, but this is basically how this game idea works. Happy Halloween everyone!


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