Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: Lights Festival

The Halloween celebration has ended. In the last week, I have shown pictures of what is scary or what is celebrative. There were scary schools, shops for party supplies, Halloween parties at restaurants, and gothic hotels. At the end, the five villagers who joined were Purrl and her haunted castle, Katt and her Ghost Train, Skye and her Halloween party, T-Bone and his graveyard, and Pate and her haunted house. I hope you all had a great Halloween, but it’s time to move onto the next theme.

So here’s what happened. Last Saturday was the end of the road for Daylight Savings Time. This means that it’s time to switch the clocks back by one hour. The good news is that it gives us one extra hour of sleep. But here’s the problem. After the summer solstice, the Earth tilts back, moving the North Pole towards the shadow. This is when days get shorter, and nights get longer. By fall, nights are already longer than days, but they continue to get longer as the daylight hours kept shrinking. This means the sun rises later, but sets earlier. After the clock switched back, this made nights begin even earlier. Now the entirety of the last six hours (6:00 to 11:59 PM) is in the night hours, as the north pole continues tilting towards the shadow.

Because of the shrinking daylight hours, I decided to come up with a theme that makes the nights bright. This week’s theme is Lights. Almost every house and facility I decorate this week are heavily decorated with lights, more particularly colored lights. Or there are bright-glowing items in each house. It could be a disco party, or a simple glow theme. It’s not the Christmas theme, even though trees, buildings, and scenery are heavily decorated with Christmas lights. It’s not the Sci-Fi theme, even though this is the first Sci-Fi theme I use for Theme of the Week. It’s the lights theme.

I have a few pictures I can show you, and they relate to the Lights theme. Since I taken these pictures at home, these aren’t copyrighted.

Disco Ball Plasma Ball

Color-changing Lamp Light-up Cup

The first one is the disco ball. It’s not a real one, but more likely a plastic one that rotates on the Y-axis and Z-axis. The second one is a plasma ball, or the lamps where if you touch one, some of these lasers follow your finger. The third one is a lamp, but has a light bulb that changes colors. The last one is a light-up cup, which is something you can drink out of, but lights up.

This week, like always, I will pick five villagers I never decorated for Theme of the Week before and redecorate the five facilities I used in the last four weeks. Every villager is set in a snowy environment, with no snow on the ground. The themes may vary, but they match as long as they have the lights theme in place.

What’s pretty ironic about the days in the winter versus the days in the summer is that the days the sun is at the brightest are the days where nights are at the longest. That means the shortest days in the year (North America) are the brightest. There is a good scientific explanation why they are brighter, but that’s a long story. Another thing is that we have more decorative lighting used when nights are longer, but that’s because of Christmas, not the day length issue. Still, days are shorter than nights, and luminosity doesn’t have any effect.


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