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TotW Facilities: Lights Festival

It’s time to share pictures for Theme of the Week for the first time this month. Since Daylight Savings time is over, there’s going to be more light in these pictures than in previous ones. These five facilities are not only filled with colored lights, but they are all about the lights. There are 35 bright pictures to show, and they are easier to see at night. If you have a hard time understanding what these pictures are, bring a glow stick and use it as you read.

Disco School

The first facility, like always, is the redecorated school. This time, the school is brighter. As it looks prepared for a lights party, both classrooms are well decorated. This time, I decided that both classrooms are the same. The only difference is the color of the garlands and glowing lights. The left is the red room, but the right is the blue room. I decorated them with aurora screens on the sides, ten desks in a U-shape, and the teacher’s podium in the middle of the U. Both are just like the computer lab from Week One, but with normal desks.

Disco Hall:

Lights School 1

Lights School 2

Class of Red Glow:

Lights School 3

Lights School 4

Lights School 5

Lights School 6

Class of Blue Glow:

Lights School 7

Lights School 8

Lights School 9

Lights School 10

Lamp Shop

The facilities are not only lit-up, but they are selling lights to customers too. After two weeks of using a larger store for this facility, I decided to shrink it back down to a small facility like it normally goes. This place sells both floor lamps and table lamps. Some are for tasks, some are for room decor, and some are even for adventure. And for the first time, I added ABD machines so if they are running low on Bells, they can get some out of the bank.

Lights Store 1

Lights Store 2

Lights Store 3

Lights Store 4

Lights Store 5

Outdoor Lighting Supermarket

While the smaller shop on the upper level sells lights for the indoors, the larger shop on the lower level sells lights for the outdoors. This shop has a plethora of decorative outdoor lighting items, for your house. The garden lights are cheap, but do you have enough Bells to purchase the lighthouse or the tower? They’re being sold too.

Lights Shop 1

Lights Shop 2

Lights Shop 3

Lights Shop 4

Lights Shop 5

Bright Nights Café

Even the upper restaurant is prepared for another party. There’s decorative lighting everywhere. The type of restaurant is both Mexican and Italian, but their focus is on lighting. There are aurora screens on one side, LED displays on the front and back, and booths with seats in red and blue.

Lights Café 1

Lights Café 2

Lights Café 3

Lights Café 4

Lights Café 5


The hotel has smaller rooms than normal, but they are cozy enough to relax in while you can enjoy the lights being set up in the hotel. The Sleek Series was this week’s pick for furniture series. The rooms on the first floor are in green, blue, or purple. Upstairs is, like always, the banquet hall. This time, I gave the serving tables backlights in different colors. The tables used are “fireworks tables”, which was a DLC item for ACNL during the first year. I had to do this since they involve lights.

Lights Hotel 1

Lights Hotel 2

Lights Hotel 3

Lights Hotel 4

Lights Hotel 5

Lights Hotel 6

Lights Hotel 7

Lights Hotel 8

Lights Hotel 9

Lights Hotel 10

The series of colored lights isn’t over yet. Tomorrow, I will continue the light show by showing the pictures of the villagers’ houses in the lights motif.


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