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TotW Villagers: Lights Festival

The stream of glowing lights continue today, but only in villager homes. Regardless of where you go, there’s always going to be a party, even in the dark hours when it’s snowing. The five villagers under the spotlight of this week are Rosie, Shep, Lucky, Mac, and Mitzi. Andrea is in her primary casual outfit, which is the gray winter coat with a black dress. She likes to wear dresses at parties, with a winter coat and scarf if it’s cold outside.

Illuminated Gardens

Villager: Rosie

Illuminated Gardens is an arcade now owned by Rosie the peppy cat, one of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing. She made her debut in the GameCube version, and was never removed in future Animal Crossing games. This house had a garden with all three illuminated items, as well as a fireworks table if you want to eat outside. Inside is an arcade that is even larger than Kaylee’s in ACNL. The floors near the arcade machines are lit and color-coded (based on machines). There’s also aurora screens that divide the arcade into sections, lava lamps that provide lighting, LED displays to decorate the walls, and a few other machines like the plush bus and capsule-toy machine. And what if it’s your birthday? There’s a table inside the restaurant reserved for you.

Lights A1

Lights A2

Lights A3

Lights A4

Lights A5

Video Game Tournament House

Villager: Shep

This is a perfect place for competitors that like to play video games. There’s enough room for 24 people, with laptops on every table. Shep the smug dog is the coordinator of the tournaments. The wheel and space console in the middle represent the “computer-powered wheel” that spins as a gambling bonus on special occasions. In the back, there’s an office for staff to check the scores to announce winners or to keep the tournament house safe fro suspicious behavior.

Lights B1

Lights B2

Lights B3

Lights B4

Lights B5

Aurora Maze

Villager: Lucky

This project is my least favorite of the week since is represents this week’s theme the poorest and that the maximum size for a house isn’t large enough for a maze, but I did decorate this house as a form of the maze. The outside looks nice, with a huge cake from the first monthly HHN challenge. But the inside, is the attraction. On the left, there’s a treasure room for those who have completed the maze, but you cannot go left when you begin. The right is where the maze begins. The aurora screens are bright and beautiful, but also dividers that act like maze walls.

Lights C1

Lights C2

Lights C3

Lights C4

Lights C5

Dog Party House

Villager: Mac

I made another disco house, but this time, all of the surrounding floors have colored lights. This is mostly a dance house, with Mac’s real house being that candy house on the other side of the bridge, behind the red tower. There are only two tables to sit down and eat at, but there’s more room to dance. This project, unlike most projects for Theme of the Week, is unusual. I used amiibo cards to invite three other dog villagers, which were Walker, Cherry, and Portia. Even humans are invited to the house.

Lights D1

Lights D2

Lights D3

Lights D4

Lights D5

Glow Robot Hideout

Villager: Mitzi

The last house for this weeks theme is Mitzi’s house. Outside had a beautiful illuminated garden, but inside was a robot hideout. The furniture theme I used for this normal cat’s house was the Robo-series. This would be best for the Sci-fi theme, but I used it early because I wanted to find matching furniture for the lights. For the third time in this week, the aurora screens were meant to divide the room into sections. I used different colored floor lights for doors in between the screens. There’s a living section, a TV section, a dining section, and a bed section, and the entry hallway. Upstairs is the toy showcase, where cool toys are on display and different-colored lava lamps are on each corner.

Lights E1

Lights E2

Lights E3

Lights E4

Lights E5

The lights are about to be turned off since it’s the last of the pictures for Week Five of Theme of the Week. It sure was a great solution now that Daylight Savings Time is over (and hopefully, DST never comes back). DST is another reason why winter is better than summer.


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