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Spin-off Idea: Winter Adventures

Last month, I went over two Animal Crossing spin-off ideas that extend certain features in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and two spin-off ideas that take Animal Crossing to somewhere else. This month, I will share the other half of the Spin-off ideas I posted on the first Thursday of this blog. All four spin-off game ideas this month are just normal Animal Crossing games focused on one season. The 24-hour clock is still in-game, and so is the 365-day calendar.

The next idea on the blog entry I referred to was about a winter spin-off idea, where the whole game takes place on a mountain with a huge salty lake at the south end (opposed to the sea we’re used to), and a winter climate that lasts all year. The snow will never melt, the trees do change colors, but it only depends on the time of the year.

Core features from ACNL

My winter-themed spin-off idea has the same features that we had from New Leaf, but there are a few differences. Here’s what can be seen in both:

  • Chatting with villagers
  • Holidays and events
  • Shopping
  • Character customization
  • Interior design
  • House design and remodeling
  • Town design
  • Catching fish
  • Donations
  • Refurbishing

Some of the stuff are exactly the same, but others are changed. The villagers and non-villagers are also the same. An example of what differs is the fish and seafood you can catch. The all-year fish in ACNL and the fish with peak times in the winter are the only fish you can catch in the game. But the majority of the seafood (such as the crabs and oysters) are in the game too. And the items in the game, not all of the ones in New Leaf or Happy Home Designer are in it. Clothes such as the winter sweater and the coats are in, as well as some generic clothes, but others are not.


The furniture in the game includes a few basic furniture items, as well as kitchen items and bathroom items, but the themed furniture in New Leaf in this idea are:

  • Any items you get from the tent campers and igloo campers
  • Any items you get from the Snowtyke
  • Snowman Series
  • Ice Series
  • Jingle Series
  • Cabin Series
  • Alpine Series
  • Lovely Series
  • Ski Theme (Bingo Snowman items)
  • Gorgeous Series
  • Any December-exclusive items Timmy and Tommy provided in ACNL
  • Tree-stump chair and aurora screen
  • Fireplace

And here are some items I came up with, as well as ACHHD items:

  • Winter Village Theme (items include Snowman, Snowflake, Holiday House etc)
  • Presents (from Happy Home Designer)
  • Bakery items (from Happy Home Designer)
  • Polar Theme (including Arctic and Antarctic research station items and wild animal models)


Some PWPs can be items you can erect outside (like done in Happy Home Designer). Here are the ACNL PWPs that are just items:

  • Street Lamp
  • Round Streetlight
  • Metal Bench
  • Wooden Bench
  • Park Clock
  • Design Signs
  • Custom Standees
  • Signs

And here the PWPs that are still just projects (including both my ideas and ACNL PWPs):

  • Lighthouse (make it a building instead of a statue)
  • Illuminated art (arch, heart, tree, and clock)
  • Video Screen
  • Huge Holiday Tree*
  • Gazebo*
  • Carousel*
  • Campsite
  • Café (building)
  • Restaurant* (building)
  • Winter Aquarium (building, replacement of Museum)
  • Tourist Stand (outdoor tent that sells balloons, snack food, and pinwheels)
  • Snowman Statue*
  • Illuminated Snowflake*
  • Snowball Statue*
  • Snowmobile Statue*
  • Ice Crystal*

Winter Adventures Features

The game idea has a few features that is done in ACNL. Those would be the Snow People favors, rolling snowballs, fishing, deep sea diving, and igloo campers. But here’s the unique part. Aside to the town and Main Street, there is a park north of Main Street. That is where the winter-related events take place. Every month from the 8th to the 14th, 15th to the 21st, or 22nd to the 28th (depending on the month), the park will be open. It costs Bells to enter or do the activities, but you can earn Bells from doing other activities. They won’t be the same every month, but they are winter-related, even if they aren’t in the winter months.

  • January – Ice Festival
  • February – Winter Carnival
  • March – Ski Party
  • April – Glow Trail Contest
  • May – Crab Week
  • June – Fishing Tourney
  • July – Snowboard Race
  • August – Sledding Race
  • September – Snowmobile Design Contest
  • October – Snowmobile Race
  • November – Bright Nights Fiesta
  • December – Toy Day Party

In addition to the events, all houses, buildings, and PWPs will have colored lights that reflect the event in the park, but only during the week of the event. The colored lights on the pine trees are only on Toy Day.

Ice Festival:

The Ice Festival is a week-long event from the 22nd to 28th of January. Every building in the park is made of ice. While there are ice sculptures everywhere, dining and dancing, and an ice parade, the Ice Festival has three activities you can participate in.

  • Treasure Hunt – every day, the park will be filled with buried treasure chests that you can only use with your shovel. The items inside the chests have different point values. The rarer the treasure is, the more points you earn. You can turn in treasure to Redd to collect your points. If you bring in all four treasure types, you can earn a special prize for your house. The pointa earned are for purchases of items exclusive to the Ice Festival.
  • Snowflake Hunting – you can use your net to catch snowflakes in the park. The more snowflakes you catch, the better the prize after turning them in to Gracie.
  • Crystal Breaking – you can use your pickaxe to break Ice Crystals in the park. There are hidden prizes in each, including Bells. But if you break too many ice sculptures that aren’t crystals, you will be kicked out of the park and will not return until the event is over.

Winter Carnival:

The February event (February 8th to 14th) is when the park becomes an amusement park. You can ride the rides (such as the roller coaster or snow cups), but they don’t do much to benefit your game other than showing a video. The carnival games (such as the shooting gallery and the pitch game) are the ones you can earn Bells. They even have winter motifs. There are eight carnival games, and four rides.

Ski Party:

The park becomes a ski resort during the March event (March 15th to 21st). Your character can move by riding skis over the park. The ski lift takes you to different activity houses where you can play to earn Bells. There’s even a contest where you can win your own skis to wander in town with.

Glow Trail Contest:

In April, during the week of the 22nd to 28th, a stadium with an ice rink is set up. All contestants will be riding bumper cars that turn ice into glowing ice of the same color as the car. You can participate in the game, but you have to start playing on the 22nd. The point of the contest is where you have to avoid crossing your opponents’ trails left on the ice rink. If they cross your path, you earn points. If you cross their paths, you lose points. Each round is ten minutes, and there’s only one round per day. The contestant with the lowest score by the end of the day will not qualify for the rest of the contest, as it continues every day until two remain on the 28th. The further you make it in the contest, the more Bells you will earn at your elimination. If you make it to the 28th of April and win, you will get the maximum of 100,000 Bells and a large bumper car as a furniture piece for home. If you lose on the 22nd, you get no prize.

Crab Week:

From May 8th to May 14th, the park is decorated with crab scenery and a feast table. The point of the festival is where all animals eat crabs and play board games involving crab-shaped pieces. There’s no other way of participation but to catch crabs in the salty lake at the south part of town and donating them. You can give crabs to the coordinator to earn more points, as points can be used as currency for Crab Week prizes.

Fishing Tourney:

The rules for the Fishing Tourney in ACNL are just the same as the Fishing Tourney here, but here’s the difference. Instead of winning the trophy after one day, you will earn points based on how high your rank is. The higher the rank, the more points you get. The one with the most points by the end of the week gets prizes, as trophies are distributed. The event lasts from June 15th to June 21st, with 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM as the active hours.

Snowboard Race:

From July 22nd to July 28th, eight animals will be in a snowboarding race. There’s no way you can participate in it, but you can bet on what animal you want to see win the race. You have seven chances, as only one race occurs per day. In order to earn Bells, the animal you betted on has to make it to third place. The higher the rank, the more Bells you earn.

Sledding Race:

From August 8th to August 14th, there’s a sledding race you can attend. This time, you get to control the sled as you go around the track. You can win to earn more Bells, and you have seven attempts total (one attempt per day).

Snowmobile Design Contest:

From September 15th to 21st, the park will become a snowmobile park. You can participate in a design contest to earn Bells. Every day, you get to design a snowmobile anyway you like. But there are design rules that are hidden. The design rules tell you exactly how to design the snowmobile, but they are not told by the judges. Whoever followed the most rules wins the contest for the day. If you win, you can earn Bells, as well as prizes.

Snowmobile Race:

The next event involving snowmobiles comes on October 22nd and ends on the 28th. This is a classic race track game, just like the sledding race. The rules somehow resemble the Glow Trail Contest’s, where you get eliminated if you’re in last place. Make it to the end of the week and win in order to win the 100,000 Bells and a unique prize for home.

Bright Nights Fiesta:

It’s not like the Bright Nights from Wild World, but it’s different. Every November 8th to 14th from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM, you can go to the park and watch the aurora borealis. There are mini-games you can play, and prizes you can earn. You can see a whole bunch of bright lights in the park too.

Toy Day Party:

The December event from the 15th to 21st is the week-long Toy Day Party. There are food to get, and presents to collect. There are two activities you can do there too.

  • Holiday Tree decorating – there is a holiday tree decorating contest where you can decorate your holiday tree by collecting decorations from decoration stands. For every requested item you exchange, you can get a decoration. If your tree wins, you get a special prize.
  • Present delivery – similar to the Toy Day event, but only to drop presents at houses.

And that concludes my idea for this spin-off. Basically, you get more winter activities, but less items to put into your catalog.


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