Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: Clean and Basic

It’s been eight weeks since I launched this site, and I have already been doing Theme of the Week for five weeks now. I’ve taken the series through the busy city, the quiet countryside, in the fall, during Halloween, and under a spotlight. It’s been a very interesting series, as I enjoyed doing this on here.

Before I go onto this week’s theme, I have a few announcements. First, I will no longer review the previous theme. Every theme will begin instantly. Moreover, this month will be mostly Theme of the Week blogs. Aside to the Theme of the Week entries in November will be debates over video gaming (like the Handhelds vs Consoles debate) and the remaining game ideas I blogged on the first Thursday. In addition, the Theme of the Week series is still running, but after 26 weeks of doing this (it’s now five weeks), the series will be over. I’ll be out of ideas by then. Once Theme of the Week is over, I’ll be renovating all five facilities to the best of the series and every villager home into something else. I may share some pictures occasionally, but they will not be for organized themes. Time passes very fast, and there’s no way to stop it. But for now, I still have plenty of ideas to go, so it will be a while before it hits that point. Finally, I have planned to add a banner. In four weeks from now, this site will have a banner displaying 20 pictures (2 per week) from the previous Themes of the Week, as well as two of my facilities.

Now let’s move onto the theme. This week’s theme is going to be pretty basic. Throughout the whole time, Theme of the Week had specific themes. But this week is going to be themeless. Not themeless as in a mixed theme, but more like no theme at all. We’re going back to the basics. With the impeding release of the other spin-off game (amiibo Festival) for this week, I chose not to get fancy as everything Animal Crossing-related goes back down to the roots.

Like every week, I will show ten pictures of the school, five for the upper shop, five for the lower shop, five for the Café, and ten for the hotel. I will also show pictures of five nominated villagers and their homes. There’s no surprise that Animal Crossing had a plenty of generic themes, but there’s also a lot that go under other themes. But this week is just all generic. Be sure to check both Wednesday and Thursday to see the pictures. If you want to see the game idea and debate, check out this blog on Tuesday and Friday.


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