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TotW Facilities: Clean and Basic

It is Wednesday, which means it’s time to share the first wave of pictures for this week’s theme. If you want to know what is generic, I simplified all of these facilities and made them look regular and not themed. Games like Super Mario 64 are generic themed throughout the entire game, and so are these 35 pictures.

Old School

When you design the school for the very first time in ACHHD, they expect it to be basic and a proper school environment. Now that I unlocked all of the items in-game (except for future challenges, DLC, and unreleased amiibo card photos), I can decorate my school anyway I like (just like the haunted school during Week Four and the Fall School in Week Three). But for now, it’s back to the basics. I made the desks deviate from the doors in both rooms, but the shelves are closer.


Generic School 1

Generic School 2


Generic School 3

Generic School 4

Generic School 5

Generic School 6


Generic School 7

Generic School 8

Generic School 9

Generic School 10

Basic AC Convenience Store

The upper store is a resemblance of Nook ‘N’ Go and T&T Mart in previous games, but due to the size limits and lack of items, I made the stands face each other. The furniture on the rugs are “Common Furniture” just like you see at the Re-Tail when you start a new town. The stuff on the shelves are basic tabletop items for your house. So not only the convenience store is basic, but they’re selling basic furniture.

Generic Store 1

Generic Store 2

Generic Store 3

Generic Store 4

Generic Store 5

Basic AC Supermarket

This one is similar to Super T&T in some way, but it’s also a bit different. There are six furniture piedes on the left side and a couple of clothes on the shelves. Since Wild World, the main store (Tom Nook’s Store or the Nookling Stores) never sold clothes. So it looks a bit like Super T&T, but it took back a concept from Nookway in the GameCube Version.

Generic Shop 1

Generic Shop 2

Generic Shop 3

Generic Shop 4

Generic Shop 5

Simple Café

Even the upper Café has simplified into a small fast food joint. The Mexican Restaurant remains unchanged, but the Café that was always updating just got updated to a small restaurant. It’s pretty tiny and basic, but it’s what I had in mind.

Generic Café 1

Generic Café 2

Generic Café 3

Generic Café 4

Generic Café 5

Basic Hotel

And now for a showstopper. The hotel is down to the basics. Although last week’s hotel had different color lights, this is the first time in Theme of the Week where both hotel rooms used different furniture. I tend to be more consistent with the hotel design, but I wanted a red-green-blue color scheme. And the banquet hall – it’s all basic and it only serves fruit.

Generic Hotel 1

Generic Hotel 2

Generic Hotel 3

Generic Hotel 4

Generic Hotel 5

Generic Hotel 6

Generic Hotel 7

Generic Hotel 8

Generic Hotel 9

Generic Hotel 10

You can see what it’s like to be just basic. Exotic themes may be better, but I wanted to show what’s basic.


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