Happy Home Designer

TotW Villagers: Clean and Basic

We seen regular facilities, but we haven’t seen houses that are so basic. The themes might be a little different, but they are all generic. They have regular front yards (or back yards), 8×8 main rooms (like in the Main AC Series), and additional 6×6 rooms. The villagers are Bob, Eloise, Jeremiah, Pecan, and Roscoe. Andrea is dressing basic too. These 25 pictures show what each house is like.

Totally Basic House

Villager: Bob

Bob is the first villager ever made in AC history, and has been in all four games prior to Happy Home Designer. He’s even the first villager if you order the amiibo cards from first to last. Not to mention, he’s one of the most popular villagers. I decided that his house is basic, but not just basic. The furniture on the inside is completely themeless. All it has are “natural furniture” and “common furniture”. I did make the front yard a place for barbeque parties though.

Generic A1

Generic A2

Generic A3

Generic A4

Generic A5

Green Glory

Villager: Eloise

Eloise’s initial request is a house filled with green furniture. When I redecorated her house for Theme of the Week, I still kept it green. When I first played Animal Crossing, the Green Series was my favorite furniture series. Now, it’s not even in the top ten, as the Gorgeous Series takes that top spot. Green is also Andrea’s favorite color (her eyes are even green), so this would be her favorite project I made this week. For the outdoors, I made it a garden since green is the color for plants. In case if you ask how I made the kitchen tile, that is the main floor. It’s the green carpet that are the rugs.

Generic B1

Generic B2

Generic B3

Generic B4

Generic B5

Bold and Blue

Villager: Jeremiah

The other generic furniture series similar to the Green Series is the Blue Series. Other than the desk, extra cabinet, counter, bookcase, clock, wall clock, pantry, and wall shelf, all furniture pieces are the same in some way. Blue is my favorite color in any category (except for election maps). Blue is also the most popular color. I could pick any villager, but the reason why Jeremiah was my candidate is because his initial request was a blue house. He was the fourth villager I decorated for in ACHHD. His hard has a swimming pool since the water is blue, just like the theme.

Generic C1

Generic C2

Generic C3

Generic C4

Generic C5

Classic House

Villager: Pecan

Not all of the themes are simply just one color (or based after one color). I decided to make a formal house with a playground in the front yard for Pecan the snooty squirrel. This is one of the two houses this week where the plot is in a valley. It’s also one of the two houses this week where there are two rooms on Floor 1. The furniture is so basic that it even looks like these pictures came out of New Leaf.

Generic D1

Generic D2

Generic D3

Generic D4

Generic D5

Modern House

 Villager: Roscoe

Unlike Pecan’s formal house in the fall, Roscoe has a casual house in the spring. The concept is similar to Pecan’s house, but the smaller room is on the right. Regardless, the bedroom is the left room while the living room is the right room.

Generic E1

Generic E2

Generic E3

Generic E4

Generic E5

And that’s it for the villager houses. Judging by the time of the week, that’s the last of the this theme. Next week is not going to be as themeless. I should’ve used this as my first theme, but that didn’t come to mind earlier.


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