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Theme of the Week: Deserts of the World

So last week’s theme was pretty dry of a theme. When everything is basic, there’s not really a theme at all. It’s a drought. This theme will be even drier than last week’s theme, and guess where it’s taking us to: the desert.

Week Seven’s theme is all about the dry, sandy areas and what we usually find in the desert. Some people think of Egypt when we talk about deserts. Some think of the Middle East. Others think of the Wild West. This week is on all of them. But it’s half and half. Five of the projects will resemble deserts of the eastern world. You could ride a camel to the markets that sell exotic foods or to ancient landmarks. The other five are on the deserts of North America, but some are Mexican-themed. You may remember the Mexican Restaurant from six weeks ago. There’s going to be a few more this week.

If these pictures get too hot, you could get an extra drink of water. Or you can stay inside houses with extra-thick walls and really high ceilings. But don’t touch the plants. They do feel very sharp. And stay away from the snakes unless if they aren’t venemous.

Interesting facts about deserts:

  1. The world’s driest desert is the Atacama Desert of South America. About once in every 400 years, it rains.
  2. The record of the world’s hottest location was removed in 2012 due to an error at the time, making Death Valley the hottest location in the world.
  3. Europe is the only continent without a major desert. Antarctica doesn’t have any sandy deserts either, but it does have a desert since it doesn’t rain there.
  4. The Sahara Desert, the world’s largest desert, wasn’t even a desert to begin with. It was once lush and populated.
  5. A saguaro cactus has a lifespan of 150 years. Yet, it doesn’t grow branches until it’s 75 years old.
  6. 20% of the land is covered in deserts.

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