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TotW Facilities: Deserts of the World

Today, our journey through the endless desert begins with the 35  pictures of the facilities. Before you see, you should at least have some water with you. The same five facilities I redecorate have been dried up, so I redecorated them to look better. At least some have designs that show the interior of houses in the desert.

Ancient Egyptian School

One of the most popular subjects in exploring ancient culture is Ancient Egypt. The temples they made, as well as the great pyramids, were advanced for their time. Even we can’t build like they did, but we do build differently. This school is decorated as the opposite of the Fall-themed school from Week Three (or Week Six of Animal Crossing Spin-offs). Instead if the hallway being inside and the classes being outside, the hallway is a sandy desert on the outside while the classes are resembling Egyptian temples. If you ask me about the gold, I don’t think they had gold chambers like that, but I decided to make a gold chamber.


Desert School 1

Desert School 2

Egyptian Classroom:

Desert School 3

Desert School 4

Desert School 5

Desert School 6

Gold Chamber:

Desert School 7

Desert School 8

Desert School 9

Desert School 10

Desert Marketplace

All over the Middle East in ancient times, there are markets set up to stop by. Sorry for the lack of canvas rooftops, but there aren’t any in ACHHD. But I did make the two bazaars, one selling spices, and the other selling other goods, including Turkish delight (BTW, I used the Tteok Plate to represent that). I even put a cash register in one of the bazaars.

Desert Store 1

Desert Store 2

Desert Store 3

Desert Store 4

Desert Store 5

Southwestern Furniture Store

Most of us think of the eastern deserts when someone says “desert”. However, I’m more interested into the deserts of the west, more particularly the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Most of the desert plants (cacti, yucca plants, succulents etc) come from the western deserts. The lower shop in Main Street is always next to the restaurant, so I decided to finish my “Mexican Corner” by turning the shop into a Sonoran-themed store. The restaurant is already a Mexican restaurant (which has never changed BTW), so how about another attraction like that?

Desert Shop 1

Desert Shop 2

Desert Shop 3

Desert Shop 4

Desert Shop 5

Wild West Café

Since I already had a Mexican Restaurant, I decided to make this a US Desert-themed café. The town section has the dining tables, but I made the kitchen and information counter out in the middle of the desert, but close to town. Of course, water is always on the menu, and so is barbecued foods.

Desert Café 1

Desert Café 2

Desert Café 3

Desert Café 4

Desert Café 5

Mexican Inn

As a person who’s interested into Mexican culture, I decided to have another Mexican-themed attraction. Although the theme is on deserts, this would be better if I had a Latin American theme week instead of deserts. The lobby is similar to the restaurant in some designs. Also, for the first time, I added room service in the hotel rooms. The lunch trays on the tables prove this point. And somewhere in the Banquet Hall, I had two different-colored screens to represent the doors to the kitchen.

Desert Hotel 1

Desert Hotel 2

Desert Hotel 3

Desert Hotel 4

Desert Hotel 5

Desert Hotel 6

Desert Hotel 7

Desert Hotel 8

Desert Hotel 9

Desert Hotel 10

Tomorrow, the journey through the desert still continues, but we’re at a stopping point as of now.


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