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TotW Villagers: Deserts of the World

Our journey through the desert continues through these 25 pictures of the villagers I decorated for this week. Rodeo, Boone, Ankha, Shari, and Deli are the villagers of the week. Andrea is either an adventurer or just an ordinary girl (depending on the type of desert).

Western Mine

Villager: Rodeo

Although the plot looks like the old west, Rodeo’s house is rather a mining shaft with a mine. People dig for gold underground, ship it to the carts, and sent the carts out. Due to the lack of necessary items, I used other items as substitutes. The Bells are used for the gold, and the regular shopping carts replace the minecarts. The solid black painting is not a painting, but rather a hole that gold comes out. In case if you’re wondering, the Metroid furniture piece was used as an elevator for gold to move upwards. It’s a shame that we don’t have ore in this game like we do in ACNL. That would be really convenient since I can use actual gold ore and other minerals instead of Bells.

Desert A1

Desert A2

Desert A3

Desert A4

Desert A5

Southwestern House

Villager: Boone

Yet, even another building resembling the US Southwest or Northern Mexico in terms of architecture or interior design. It sits in the valley with old artifacts in the front yard. I decorated this house similarly to the Mexican Restaurant and Mexican Inn projects. The attic is a different story.

Desert B1

Desert B2

Desert B3

Desert B4

Desert B5

Egyptian Home

Villager: Ankha

Since City Folk, an Egyptian villager has been in Animal Crossing. And in this game, Ankha initially requests an Egyptian-style house. Because of her Egyptian looks, and since this week is about the desert, I decided to include her, and decorate her house like a pyramid. It includes a gold chamber, a throne room, and a few other Egyptian scenery.

Desert C1

Desert C2

Desert C3

Desert C4

Desert C5

Middle Eastern Desert

Villager: Shari

Another region of the world that is a major desert is the Middle East. I know what’s going on at this time, but I generally avoid those kind of subjects (except for the oil exportation part, which I included in this project). Instead, I made this house like the ancient culture of the Middle East. There are markets, tents, and a lot of civilization.

Desert D1

Desert D2

Desert D3

Desert D4

Desert D5


Villager: Deli

If you don’t know what it means, an oasis is a piece of fertile land in the middle of the desert formed by aquifers. Since it doesn’t rain in the desert, plants grown in these grassy parts rely solely on the aquifers. I don’t think we have any of those in the United States, but we do have desert plants everywhere, as well as chaparrals (coastal deserts). This is more of a Middle Eastern biome. The house doesn’t seem well decorated, but it’s more of a party zone where you can drum along and play the lutes. And the palm trees inside, those are lamps.

Desert E1

Desert E2

Desert E3

Desert E4

Desert E5

The journey through the desert ends here. We are back in the forest. I wonder what’s going to happen in the forest.


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