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Theme of the Week: A Thankful Harvest

We’re back in the forest after the long journey in the desert. So what’s next for Theme of the Week? Well, the year of 2015 is almost over, and this month is close to the finish. But there’s a holiday coming this week, and it’s Thanksgivings Day. You may celebrate it by eating a bunch of turkey and stuffing. I’m gonna celebrate it by sharing pictures of what I did in Happy Home Designer, and they are all Thanksgivings-themed projects.

The sad news about Thanksgivings is that it gets omitted when people prepare for the holidays. Although it is one of the few holidays celebrated in the United States to be a real holiday, the hype doesn’t seem as big since it stands in the middle between the two bigger holidays, Halloween and Christmas. As soon as October ends, it’s time to put away the Halloween decorations. While some people still have their Halloween decor up, others are already preparing for Christmas. At least Thanksgivings isn’t forgotten, but it’s not as hyped as the other two.

In Animal Crossing, Thanksgivings is usually referred to as “Harvest Festival”, as the Thanksgivings theme is “Harvest Series”. I honestly prefer using real names than what the series provides, so I will use “Thanksgivings” for the Thanksgivings theme. But I have decorated each house to resemble Thanksgivings or the Colonial Era.

Now here are some interesting facts about Thanksgivings. The first Thanksgiving took place back in 1621 when the Indians and Pilgrims made a treaty. Turkeys and native vegetables have always been a traditional Thanksgiving meal. When the US was created, it wasn’t an official holiday until Abraham Lincoln decided it was by creating the Thanksgiving Proclamation in October of 1863. However, George Washington made a similar proclamation over the same holiday. Finally, during the Great Depression, Franklin D Roosevelt corrected the Thanksgivings date, making it the fourth Thursday of November. Since then, Thanksgivings has been the fourth Thursdsy of November no matter what. It can be observed as early as November 22nd, but no later than November 28th.

Another interesting fact about Thanksgivings is that it shares similarities to other holidays in the year. However, there are only eight that are big enough to be recognized very easily in the US. Thanksgivings is one of them. Here’s how similar it is to the others:

  • New Year’s – Thanksgivings is more about showing what you’re thankful for. There’s also a silly thing called the wishbone, which is about wishing. New Year’s Eve is a good time to talk about what you liked best about the year. Peoole also make wishes on New Year’s Day.
  • Valentines Day – Love and gratitude are both shown in each day. In addition, Valentines Day is a holiday that is very early in the year. It may not be in the first month, but it is in the second month. Thanksgivings is very late in the year. It’s in the second to the last month rather than in the last month.
  • St Patrick’s Day – both are festive holidays that have some Christian origins, but are close to major Christian holidays. St Patrick’s Day is the last major holiday before Easter. Thanksgivings Day is the last major holiday before Christmas. Plus, both holidays are in the months where we adjust the clock for Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time.
  • Easter – rather than being on a fixed date, both holidays are on a specific day of the week. Easter is always going to land on a Sunday no matter what. Thanksgivings is always going to be a Thursday, regardless of how late it is in November.
  • 4th of July – both holidays are national holidays where the origins come from the Colonial era and American Revolution.
  • Halloween – both holidays are the two main holidays in the fall. As October and November are the core months of the fall, Halloween is celebrated in October as Thanksgivings is celebrated in November. In Canada, Thanksgivings is celebrated in October, just like Halloween.
  • Christmas – easily the most similar holiday to Thanksgivings. There are big feasts on both holidays, schools and businesses close for extended times during these holidays, holiday shopping occurs between both holidays, and the Christmas hype takes place during both November and December, the months Thanksgivings and Christmas takes place. Similarly, in 4 out of every 28 years, Thanksgivings and Christmas are both on Thursdays. There are also 4 other years where both holidays are the 25th days of their months.

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