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TotW Facilities: A Thankful Harvest

So here’s what happened. It’s already Thanksgivings Break. We can eat turkey dinners, and serve cranberries and stuffing aside. And if you feel like reading blogs, this one is ready for you. Just like always, there are 35 pictures, 10 school pictures, 5 upper store pictures, 5 lower store pictures, 5 café pictures, and 10 hotel pictures. To fit the theme, all of them either follow the Colonial theme or use the Harvest theme.

1600’s School Houses

Back in the colonial days, schools had one classroom per building. Everything seemed small, and so uncomfortable. Living in the Colonial Era was much tougher than today’s society, so you should be thankful for that. And on the outside of both rooms, I decorated it like I did for the Fall theme, but only because Thanksgivings is in the fall. In addition, the two hats on the table represent Indians and Pilgrims.


Harvest School 1

Harvest School 2

First School House:

Harvest School 3

Harvest School 4

Harvest School 5

Harvest School 6

Second School House:

Harvest School 7

Harvest School 8

Harvest School 9

Harvest School 10

Thanksgivings Grocery Store

Out of the five projects I designed for this week, this one is my favorite project. This is more than just a grocery store, but it’s a grocery store that resembles today’s stores. Everything it sells are already prepared Thanksgivings food like in the Deli section (where the turkeys are on the tables) and ingredients to make recipes. You can make more pies or other foods for Thanksgivings as their ingredients are up for sale.

Harvest Store 1

Harvest Store 2

Harvest Store 3

Harvest Store 4

Harvest Store 5

Harvest Furniture Store

Comparing between this store and the other store, my opinions are usually the opposite. I like stores that sell decorations for holidays more than grocery stores. But this store isn’t as good as the grocery store I decorated this week. The reason being is that my furniture stores never really looked that good. It’s just the same concept over and over again. Of course, I usually have one store sell the furniture that fit the theme and the other that sells smaller items. Some weeks, I prefer the lower store more than the upper store, but most weeks, not really. This week is one of them.

Harvest Shop 1

Harvest Shop 2

Harvest Shop 3

Harvest Shop 4

Harvest Shop 5

Harvest Café

This restaurant is not as exciting to eat at as the other small restaurants I made in Happy Home Designer. I’m not saying that I didn’t like this project this time, but if you eat there, all you could eat are fruits and sweets. I wanted to have a small harvest-themed Café, but it’s not as good as I thought. You could suggest a feast table for this, but I already had it planned somewhere else. This one is more of a buffet.

Harvest Café 1

Harvest Café 2

Harvest Café 3

Harvest Café 4

Harvest Café 5

Hotel Thanksgiving

The last project for today is my second favorite project of the week. The small rooms represent cabins people lived in during the colonial era, but the Banquet Hall is the room with the long table for Thanksgivings feasts. I know the trays don’t look too Thanksgivings like, but they represent the food you get. As for the small tables at the side, those represent the buffets for serving yourself on Thanksgivings Day.

Harvest Hotel 1

Harvest Hotel 2

Harvest Hotel 3

Harvest Hotel 4

Harvest Hotel 5

Harvest Hotel 6

Harvest Hotel 7

Harvest Hotel 8

Harvest Hotel 9

Harvest Hotel 10

There’s more coming tomorrow, so there’s nothing left to share for today. If you want to see the animal homes, come check out tomorrow.


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