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TotW Villagers: A Thankful Harvest

It’s Thursday, which means another blog entry on villager pictures will be posted. Since this week is about Thanksgivings, the villagers have either colonial-themed houses or houses with some aspect of Thanksgivings. The villagers that should be thankful for Andrea and I are Apple, Goldie, Cherry, Amelia, and Tangy since their houses have a harvest touch. Andrea is already thankful of me for taking these 25 pictures of the villager homes. Just letting you know, Andrea isn’t a real person. I personify her, make her look like a fan of me. She’s just a character.

Classic Thanksgiving

Villager: Apple

This house travels back in time to the first Thanksgiving when the Indians and Pilgrims had a feast. The feast tables are outside Apple’s colonial cabin while the house was the inside. The only thing that’s modern about this colonial-themed house is the kitchen. That kind of technology didn’t exist until the 1900’s. Another thing as part of the design, I used amiibo cards to invite Cheri, Bonbon, and Bella to the house for a party. I can’t have a Thanksgiving party with just one or two people.

Harvest A1

Harvest A2

Harvest A3

Harvest A4

Harvest A5

Modern Thanksgiving

Villager: Goldie

Goldie’s house is similar to Apple’s house, but I flip-flopped it. This time, the kitchen is outside, as the feast tables are inside. Not to mention, but this is a modern Thanksgiving house, the way we celebrate Thanksgiving today. We can get turkeys from the store, as well as stuffing, mashed potatoes, cooked broccoli and corn, and canned cranberries, stuff that never existed in the colonial era. Also like Apple’s house, I invited villagers to Goldie’s house, making her house look like a party is going on. She could invite 20 more villagers to enter to have a full party, but I can’t invite that much.

Harvest B1

Harvest B2

Harvest B3

Harvest B4

Harvest B5

Harvest-themed House

Villager: Cherry

The first two houses represent the true celebration of Thanksgivings, but the other three don’t. Instead, they are just regular houses with a different theme. Just like what I did with Jenny’s house in ACNL, I decorated an entire room with Harvest furniture for this uchi dog.

Harvest C1

Harvest C2

Harvest C3

Harvest C4

Harvest C5

Colonial Cabin

Villager: Amelia

Amelia’s house is similar to Cherry’s, but it’s theme fits the 1600’s. The plot looks like a colonial town, but the inside is just a cabin to live inside. I put the couches in the center as the emphasis of the house, but behind it is the fire, to close the loop behind it. I prefer to make it U-shaped, where one side is for living, and the other is for dining.

Harvest D1

Harvest D2

Harvest D3

Harvest D4

Harvest D5

Colossal Cornucopia

Villager: Tangy

The theme of this house may be the most irrelevant theme for this week, but fruits are major contributors to the harvest theme. So I decided to do a house on fruits. And guess what! I stylized the house to resemble a cornucopia, an icon for Thanksgivings. This house has more than fruit furniture. The extra fruits (persimmons and tropical fruits included) are ornaments that add extra design to the house.

Harvest E1

Harvest E2

Harvest E3

Harvest E4

Harvest E5

That’s all for this week. Actually, that’s the last of the pictures for this month. Since next Tuesday is the first of December, there’s nothing left to share for the month. Happy Thanksgivings everyone! Have lots of turkey.


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