Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: Tour of Toy City

As December is coming by, I decided to focus on Christmas-like aspects for the rest of this year’s themes. Normally, I come up with a theme right away, but this time, I planned ahead. Every week this month, the themes will be based after either Christmas or New Year’s. December is all about Christmas, and we can’t imagine a whole December without Christmas. So this month’s themes would be December-related stuff. I would also throw in another theme due to the upcoming Star Wars movie release. Although Star Wars month is May, The Force Awakens comes out in December. Generally speaking, there will be no theme irrelevant to this December. It’s all Christmas or Sci-Fi.

The first of the five themes is the Toyland Theme, or just the Toy Theme. Since Thanksgivings is over, it’s time for holiday shopping, as well as decorating for Christmas. So what do your kids want? Are they good or bad? Are there any homeless toys that are seeking ownership from kids? You can answer these questions as you go shopping. Of course, you can also go Christmas browsing by looking at the wonderful toy world I made for this week.

The facilities and villager homes would either be attractions built out of toys, or just generic themed attractions with toys being produced or distributed. You’ll be happy to explore the wonders of the toy world. Kids will be kids as this playful theme exists for this week.


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