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TotW Facilities: Tour of Toy City

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to share 35 pictures of the five facilities I decorated. I’m not going Christmas shopping right now, so how about some pictures instead. They are just as fun to look at as they are to visit.

Toy Making School

For this month, I decided that I’m going to have non-traditional classrooms each week. It’s still a class like it’s supposed to be, but it’s more of a toy workshop. The front hall is a showcase on what they make. I also have two different chambers for toy production. The left is for smaller toys, but the right is for larger toys. Naughty or nice, the students learn how to make toys.


Toyland School 1

Toyland School 2

Small Toy Factory:

Toyland School 3

Toyland School 4

Toyland School 5

Toyland School 6

Large Toy Factory:

Toyland School 7

Toyland School 8

Toyland School 9

Toyland School 10

Balloon Parlor

I’m not sure how high this goes, but balloons are toys too. The upper store is a store that sells balloons of all varieties, as well as the balloon lamps. I may be 22, but I still love balloons. I’ll probably buy one from this store if it was real.

Toyland Store 1

Toyland Store 2

Toyland Store 3

Toyland Store 4

Toyland Store 5

Toy Store

Now this is the true project for this week. Normally, the lower store is the furniture store that sells every furniture piece from one theme, but I changed it to a store that sells toys. You can go Christmas shopping there. I used every toy available in this game and placed them on the shelves. This would also be my favorite project for this week, just like how the Thanksgivings Grocery Store was the best project for last week.

Toyland Shop 1

Toyland Shop 2

Toyland Shop 3

Toyland Shop 4

Toyland Shop 5

Flotation Café

This is the first renovation of the Café since my initial project back in September where I had an 8×6 Café, but I had a small Café during Week Six of Theme of the Week. The Café is filled with balloon furniture. I sort of made three booth tables, but three of the seats are one chair rather than two chairs since I used the balloon lamps in the corners. Don’t worry, nothing will pop there if you sit down at the tables. I also made it serve cupcakes to anyone who eats there.

Toyland Café 1

Toyland Café 2

Toyland Café 3

Toyland Café 4

Toyland Café 5

Kiddie Hotel

I have to admit that I rushed on this project (especially on the Banquet Hall), but it’s really because the Kiddie Theme is one of my least favorite furniture series in Animal Crossing. The Lovely Series is worse, but I find it easier to decorate with that more. The Kiddie Series, on the other hand, has no appeal to me. However, I chose this theme because it matches this week’s theme.

Toyland Hotel 1

Toyland Hotel 2

Toyland Hotel 3

Toyland Hotel 4

Toyland Hotel 5

Toyland Hotel 6

Toyland Hotel 7

Toyland Hotel 8

Toyland Hotel 9

Toyland Hotel 10

The fun doesn’t end here. Tomorrow, there should be some more toyland pictures to post. If I knew how to sew plushes, I can make myself an Andrea plush, which is based after my character. She’s really pretty (and sweet).


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