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TotW Villagers: Tour of Toy City

The fun continues today, through these 25 pictures of the villagers I decorated for the toy theme. I decided to pick the four superhero villagers and someone else for this week’s theme. Andrea is dressed up like a Russian girl in the wintertime. If you want to know why, it’s about one classical music piece that’s usually associated with Christmas. I’m talking, the Nutcracker Suite. It’s composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer known for this music suite, as well as Swan Lake. Decorative nutcrackers are originated in Germany, but the music associated with them came from Russia.

Toy Factory

Villager: Kid Cat

Just like the school, one of my villagers has a toy workshop. But this time, there’s shipping lines. In case if you’re wondering about the stove, it’s where Santa’s workers make candy to put into stockings. So elves not only make toys, but candy too.

Toyland A1

Toyland A2

Toyland A3

Toyland A4

Toyland A5

Kiddie House

Villager: Agent S

Since the Kiddie Theme is a good match for the Toy Theme, I made a house using the Kiddie Theme. Keep in mind that this is one of my least favorite themes, so I’m not sure how well I decorated the house. I also don’t have enough furniture that can make this house stand out well, so I just decorated normally rather than creatively like I usually do.

Toyland B1

Toyland B2

Toyland B3

Toyland B4

Toyland B5

Toy Sanctuary

Villager: Big Top

This house would have to be my smallest house I made for Theme of the Week in general. Big Top’s house is just a 6×6 room with toys along the walls, as well as the center. I included some of the fireworks items from ACNL to be in this house. The lava lamps are toys too.

Toyland C1

Toyland C2

Toyland C3

Toyland C4

Toyland C5

Balloon House

Villager: Rocket

The last of the four superhero villagers had her house filled with balloons. I used every furniture from the balloon series in this house, as well as the 24 balloons (round, heart, and rabbit). The weight of this house is pretty light, but the helium is so heavy that a strong force won’t pull it down. Balloons are playful too.

Toyland D1

Toyland D2

Toyland D3

Toyland D4

Toyland D5

Nintendo Store

Villager: Claude

Now onto the last house for this week. This villager is my very first DLC villager to be included in the Theme of the Week series. This Tuesday, Nintendo has released this villager as a DLC villager¬†with new items to unlock. I went to McDonald’s just to get this villager. Originally, I only just want to get the items, but I later decided to add him to my Theme of the Week line. If you want to obtain him, you can go to your local Nintendo Zone and bring your 3DS with you. I don’t know about the other regions, but I do know that they are obtainable at Nintendo Zones in North America.

For your information, Claude the lazy rabbit is one of the many villagers from the GameCube Version that has been removed since the debut of Wild World. Thankfully, not all of them are gone completely, but only some re-appeared. As some villagers in the GameCube Version have returned in City Folk (i.e. Nate) or New Leaf (i.e. Ricky), others did not. Claude is one of those villagers that never appeared after the GC era. It’s pretty fortunate that some of these villagers have returned to Happy Home Designer, but only as DLC villagers. Another villager from that category to re-appear in Happy Home Designer as DLC is Louie. There’s a few others that will return, but only some villagers. The rest are gone forever, or at least until further notice.

If you want to know why I had a Nintendo Store as part of the Toy theme, it’s because of two things: 1. Nintendo is child-friendly. They have a lot of family-friendly forms of media, just like Disney. And 2. some people get video games for Christmas. And video games technically count as toys. Maybe not, but it’s still entertainment. Even some of the items (like the two 3DSs and the Wii U) are labeled under the toy section in the menus.

Now onto the house info. The last house is basically a Nintendo store set in the winter time. The front has items from Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda to represent two of the three biggest franchises in the Nintendo sphere. First impressions are great, but let’s look on the inside. I have placed a few sales display stands, both 3DSs and a Wii U, 3DS and Wii U game stands, amiibo stand, and a few stations. I might put a video game store in the future, but this is the first impression of games.

Toyland E1

Toyland E2

Toyland E3

Toyland E4

Toyland E5

That’s all for this week, so it’s time to put up your toys as I prepare to move onto the next theme.


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