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Western Concert Hall

It’s been six weeks since the last permanent public facility has been shared. It’s a high time that I share more pictures. This one is on the concert hall.

To be fair, of the ten facilities in ACHHD, the Concert Hall was my least favorite to decorate for. I liked the hotel, restaurant, and shops more. But after redecorating the concert hall, I began to like it more. I even shared ten pictures of the concert hall interior. The theme is Western. It would be a good facility to show three weeks ago since that week was about the desert theme, but the Tuesday blogs were about the debates. Since that’s over, I’ll gladly share pictures of the concert hall.

Concert Hall 1
Andrea is on stage too.
Concert Hall 2
There’s always a guitar that’s not in use. Rock on Andrea!
Concert Hall 3
A front view of the stage.
Concert Hall 4
The top view of the stage.
Concert Hall 5
An overview of the audience seats.
Concert Hall 6
A top view of the audience seats, without showing the stage.
Concert Hall 7
Andrea likes watching too.
Concert Hall 8
A side view of the audience seats, and the way back to the snack bar.
Concert Hall 9
Andrea looks for a snack to eat.
Concert Hall 10
Full view of the snack bar in the back.

And that’s all for the permanent facilities. Of course, I do have the office and hospital, but those two aren’t interesting enough for show.


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