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TotW Facilities: Just Desserts

Back in October, there was a HHN challenge on “the sweetest home”. The challenge is long over, but the sweetest theme still continues. And this week, five of my facilities are ready for it. These 35 pictures are quite tasty, but are inedible.

Sweet School

The Sweets School starts out with a showcase of sweet foods. But the classrooms look like fairy-tale lands. One of them is a village of candy houses. And the other is inside a candy house. I arranged the desks in the candy house to make it look like it’s centered on the great big cake. The village had the desks outside the houses.


Sweets School 1

Sweets School 2

Candy House:

Sweets School 3

Sweets School 4

Sweets School 5

Sweets School 6

Candy Village:

Sweets School 7

Sweets School 8

Sweets School 9

Sweets School 10


I know the Café is best for stuff like that, but I decided to change my upper store into a bakery. It sells baked goods, and if you want, you can sit down and eat what you buy. It’s just like an ice cream store, but for baked goods.

Sweets Store 1

Sweets Store 2

Sweets Store 3

Sweets Store 4

Sweets Store 5

Candy Furniture Store

While the Bakery and hallway of the school look normal with sweets inside, most of the projects for this week look like buildings in Candyland. It’s pretty much a fairy-tale store. This shop sells the ten items from the GracieGrace theme, the Sweets Series. I even placed a giant cake from the first HHN challenge.

Sweets Shop 1

Sweets Shop 2

Sweets Shop 3

Sweets Shop 4

Sweets Shop 5

Candyland Café

While I made the upper store a bakery, the actual Café for this week is a sweets-themed Café. No, it’s not the Fall-themed Café that sold sweets. It’s a Café with furniture made of sweets. I also made the buffet section similar to the buffet section from the hotel in the Lights theme. Remember, the furniture is inedible. It’s the food that you can eat.

Sweets Café 1

Sweets Café 2

Sweets Café 3

Sweets Café 4

Sweets Café 5

Candy Hotel

The hotel appears to be sugar-coated as well, with sweets. This time, I switched things up a bit. The candy houses in each room represent the restrooms in a hotel room. In the banquet hall, I used those same candy houses as introduced in the first HHN challenge as kitchen units. While the sweets theme is the first theme to be centered on one GracieGrace theme, the Candy Hotel is not the first hotel based on a GracieGrace theme. Remember the first theme? The hotel was centered on the Gorgeous Series. But this hotel is all sweet.

Sweets Hotel 1

Sweets Hotel 2

Sweets Hotel 3

Sweets Hotel 4

Sweets Hotel 5

Sweets Hotel 6

Sweets Hotel 7

Sweets Hotel 8

Sweets Hotel 9

 Sweets Hotel 10

There’s more sweets pictures on the way. Just not the facilities since all of them are done.


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