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TotW Villagers: Just Desserts

The next wave of pictures of the sweets theme is the 25 pictures of the villagers I chose for this week that were never featured in previous editions of Theme of the Week. Punchy, Butch, Pippy, Opal, and Merengue are the villagers for this week. Some of these places are candyland-style homes, and others are just stores.

Punchy and the Chocolate Factory

Villager: Punchy

The first house I made is a candy factory that makes chocolates. Otherwise known as a chocolate factory. While Andrea always dresses up as something in each week, I dressed Punchy like Willy Wonka (though it’s hard to see the hat in these pictures). He doesn’t have a wand, and the chocolate factory isn’t as fancy as we see in the book and the two movies. If you were 70’s kids and 80’s kids, you may remember the old 1971 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which is really Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Although not as book-accurate, it looked more realistic and remains to be a classic. Nobody goes in. Nobody goes out. Except for Andrea since she got a golden ticket for designing Punchy’s house for this week.

Sweets A1

Sweets A2

Sweets A3

Sweets A4

Sweets A5

Butch’s Ice Cream Parlor

Villager: Butch

The bakery from Main Street wasn’t enough, so I made two other stores. One of them is an ice cream shop. Butch the cranky dog is in charge of it. It looks like the sweetest place as kids would go near it, but do they really want to buy ice cream from a very rude employee, even if the ice cream is high quality and good tasting? Probably not, but Butch was never used in previous weeks. Maybe Goldie, Daisy, or Biskit can do the job right, but Butch can be a skilled dog. And don’t forget: if you get ice cream there, you can eat at the tables inside or outside.

Sweets B1

Sweets B2

Sweets B3

Sweets B4

Sweets B5

Pippy’s Cake Corner

Villager: Pippy

Do you want better customer service? Try Pippy’s Cake Corner, the other villager home I turned into a shop. Pippy is not as rude as a cranky or snooty villager, but she’s still childish. But that doesn’t mean she’s a bad owner. She has every cake available at the store. However, there’s only one table to eat at, so your only choice is to go home after buying a cake, unless if you’re lucky enough to take the table (oh wait, others won’t be as lucky if you take it).

Sweets C1

Sweets C2

Sweets C3

Sweets C4

Sweets C5

Inside a giant cake

Villager: Opal

We may all love cakes, but have you thought of going inside a huge cake? You can see what makes a cake so sweet. They are filled with other cakes. One small cake for a man is good enough, but one giant cake for mankind is a place you can either live in or eat. This house built for Opal the snooty elephant is basically a house made of cake, with furniture made of sweets. You may see what it looks like inside a cake.

Sweets D1

Sweets D2

Sweets D3

Sweets D4

Sweets D5

Candy Palace

Villager: Merengue

Finally, the ultimate sweets project of this week is the palace of the candy queen, Merengue the normal rhino. In the middle of a candy village is her palace, which has everything, including a giant cake. Merengue is always welcome to anyone who wants to visit. Just do not eat anything in the palace.

Sweets E1

Sweets E2

Sweets E3

Sweets E4

Sweets E5

That’s it for this week. So we got to see two aspects of Christmas (sweets and toys). I wonder what will be next?


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