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Theme of the Week: Into the Sky

Today is the ten week anniversary of Theme of the Week. It’s also the three-month anniversary of Animal Crossing Spin-offs. For the past ten weeks, we went everywhere, from the middle of the busy city to the quiet countryside. We also got to see the wonders of fall, Halloween, and Thanksgivings, with additions of lights, toys, and sweets. Plus, we also got to see the basic life and the desert around this universe. There are more themes coming, and more features on the way.

This week, we will travel back in time. Our destination is a long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away. That’s right! This week is going to be about science fiction, ranging from spaceships to labs to future endeavors. Due to the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I decided to go a whole week of decorating some projects in ACHHD Sci-Fi style. All of the facilities will look like they’re on the same spaceship, and each of the animal plots resemble Star Wars planets, with the houses focusing on different aspects of science-fiction.

As you see, science-fiction is my favorite theme. My favorite aspects are future cities, spaceships, and the cyberspace. I even tried to write a few sci-fi stories. If any of you know about my town of StarFall, one of the girls (Kaylee) is the girl with the sci-fi house. And Andrea (my character in Happy Home Designer) is a huge Star Wars fan too.

A couple of you are probably excited to see the new Star Wars movie. As part of this week’s theme, I decided to go over a rundown of the best and worst Star Wars movies so far. The general consensus of the Star Wars movies are:

  • #1: The Empire Strikes Back (V) – widely known as the best Star Wars movie. People (fans, critics, and other watchers) appreciated this movie for the lightsaber battle at the end, the plot twist, famous quotes, and a few iconic locations of the entire Star Wars saga. Not only that, but this movie was released in the 1980’s, the time when the film industry was at its best.
  • #2: A New Hope (IV) – this is the one that started it all. For nearly 40 years, this sci-fi epic has changed the world. A New Hope introduced new technology for film production, new original plots, and series of films many forms of media referenced.
  • #3: Revenge of the Sith (III) – despite being one of the prequels, a couple of people thought this movie wasn’t as bad. It best explained how the Galactic Civil War happened, bridged between the prequels and originals, and developed some of the Original Trilogy characters enough to make them round characters. Plus, it was more exciting than the other two.
  • #4: Return of the Jedi (VI) – the weakest film of the Original Trilogy. While it had exciting scenes from Tatooine and the fall of the Galactic Empire, most of the movie took place on Endor, which is where the movie got boring. Plus, it had the most edits that fans hated.
  • #5: Attack of the Clones (II) – at 140 minutes long, this is the longest and most visually superior Star Wars film. At the same time, it was the most boring movie, as it’s the least memorable Star Wars film. Some fans even believed that this was the worst movie, but it still sits at #5 on this list.
  • #6: The Phantom Menace (I) – even if this film is the highest grossing Star Wars film up to date and had the most epic lightsaber battle of all time, this was widely known as the worst Star Wars movie (and possibly the worst movie ever made that would be remembered for hundreds of years). Many people criticized this movie, most commonly because of Jar Jar Binks. Other common complaints include Young Anakin Skywalker, midi-chlorians, CGI usage, and a lack of central protagonist.

As in terms of my opinions, I don’t necessarily agree with the popular opinion. With the exception of Attack of the Clones, none of these Star Wars movies are at the same ranks in my opinion as they are on the list. For instance, many people think The Phantom Menace was Star Wars at its worst. I actually thought it was the best of the prequels. It’s not Jar Jar Binks that I like. It’s the other two prequels that had problems that made them sink below Episode I. Episode II was too boring, and Episode III was too depressing. Another example would be how I rank the Original Trilogy. I didn’t think Episode V was better than Episode IV. Even if it did have the plot twist, I didn’t think it was better than Episode IV because of a few flaws (Luke didn’t complete his training, it didn’t end properly, and there wasn’t enough screen time on Hoth).

So here is a list of what movies I think are best and worst:

  • #1: A New Hope (IV) – the first Star Wars movie I seen this year, also my favorite.
  • #2: The Empire Strikes Back (V) – even if I didn’t like how some events didn’t go the way I wanted to see, it was at least better than the rest.
  • #3: Return of the Jedi (VI) – I do agree with the general population on this for being the worst OT film, but I do think it’s better than the entire prequel trilogy.
  • #4: The Phantom Menace (I) – because of its exciting battles and is not as depressing as the other two, this is my favorite of the prequels.
  • #5: Attack of the Clones (II) – it was the most boring and featured the worst Star Wars planet (Geonosis). Plus, it’s when the prequels started to get depressing.
  • #6: Revenge of the Sith (III) – easily the most depressing Star Wars movie, at the same level Lion King is.

Let’s hope Episode VII won’t be as bad. We don’t want another disappointment like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


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