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TotW Facilities: Into the Sky

As I promised since Star Wars Episode VII is coming out soon, I am showing the 35 pictures of the facilities in the Sci-Fi uniform. Although they are literally Main Street attractions, let’s pretend that all of them are on the same spaceship. They are also rather unique compared to the previous editions of the facilities.

Space Pilot Academy

After realizing that the “Captain’s Monitor” is classified as a teacher’s desk, I decided to have nothing but Sci-Fi elements in each classroom. The two classrooms look like two different ships, but they’re more likely flight classrooms. And the hallway resembles an actual spaceship hallway. There are two gates to go through. Which one does your teacher go through?

Spaceship Hallway:

Sci-Fi School 1

Sci-Fi School 2

Flight Class 1:

Sci-Fi School 3

Sci-Fi School 4

Sci-Fi School 5

Sci-Fi School 6

Flight Class 2:

Sci-Fi School 7

Sci-Fi School 8

Sci-Fi School 9

Sci-Fi School 10

Future Arcade

Even if I made an arcade before, this one as part of Theme of the Week isn’t as lackluster as the previous one. I made it resemble a ticket arcade, where you play the games to earn tickets, and spend tickets to collect prizes. I had a series of arcade games, a plush bus, a ticket receipt machine (used the Disc Writer from the Nintendo items), a redemption booth, and a prize shop. And you don’t spend Bells to get the prizes. You spend Bells to get tokens, and you spend tickets to get the prizes in this futuristic arcade.

Sci-Fi Store 1

Sci-Fi Store 2

Sci-Fi Store 3

Sci-Fi Store 4

Sci-Fi Store 5

Futuristic Furniture Store

Once again, I made the lower shop a furniture store, but this time, it sells items from three different themes (Robo, Astro, and Spaceship). I used the aurora screens as dividers between the robot section and the spaceship gadgets and furniture. And the Arwings are really decorative furniture to fill the corners.

Sci-Fi Shop 1

Sci-Fi Shop 2

Sci-Fi Shop 3

Sci-Fi Shop 4

Sci-Fi Shop 5

4D Cinema and Dining

Some of you may have heard of AMC’s restaurant attraction Fork ‘n’ Screen. Here is a theater that has a similar concept. For this week’s version of the Café, I turned it into a movie theater. More likely a 4D movie theater. We seen 3D movies before, but never 4D movies. This attraction is not only future-themed, but it embraces a purpose of science fiction – advanced technology. This theater is futuristic because we now see movies in 4D. And to abandon the old popcorn and drink meal, you can eat what you want as you get to see your favorite movies. There’s a bar to order your meal, and a seating section where you can sit and watch the movies. Oh, and did you know that the security cameras aren’t for security, but are holographic projectors that create the 4D screen in the center? Welcome to the future!

Sci-Fi Café 1

Sci-Fi Café 2

Sci-Fi Café 3

Sci-Fi Café 4

Sci-Fi Café 5

Starship Suites

The last facility I decorated is the hotel. It’s now a futuristic hotel. It’s also the second hotel I made that had room service (first one being the Mexican Inn from the Desert theme), and the second hotel in the Theme of the Week series to use light-up room signs with the starry background behind the room numbers (first one being the Glow-tel from the Lights theme). But it is the first hotel with both the room service and light-up room number signs. And the Banquet Hall resembles a spaceship. Yep, the whole time you were looking at these facilities, you were on a spaceship. By the way, the animals aren’t in charge of the room service. The droids are responsible for both cleaning and feeding hotel guests.

Sci-Fi Hotel 1

Sci-Fi Hotel 2

Sci-Fi Hotel 3

Sci-Fi Hotel 4

Sci-Fi Hotel 5

Sci-Fi Hotel 6

Sci-Fi Hotel 7

Sci-Fi Hotel 8

Sci-Fi Hotel 9

Sci-Fi Hotel 10

It’s time to abandon the spaceship. It’s not because it’s going to crash (well it isn’t going to crash anytime soon). It’s because there are no more facility pictures to show this week. Come stop on by tomorrow to see the other pictures.


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