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TotW Villagers: Into the Sky

We’re already off the spaceship as described yesterday, but the force is strong with these 25 pictures of the villager homes I decorated. This week, all of the villagers are male, and they’re of the same personality. Also, the houses are just different sci-fi themes in previous Animal Crossing games, but the plots resemble Star Wars planets. Can you figure out which plot resembles which planet?

Casual Spaceship

Villager: Sterling

Sterling’s original request was “an outer-space space”. It turns out that his vision was completely fulfilled when I decorated this house. It looks like a classic spaceship with a pilot’s room and the living section. Some of you know Henry the smug frog and have decorated his house as a train. I did to Sterling in a similar fashion, but only in the Sci-Fi theme. So we may be off the big spaceship as described when working on facilities, but we’re still riding spaceships.

Sci-Fi A1

Sci-Fi A2

Sci-Fi A3

Sci-Fi A4

Sci-Fi A5

The Lab of Twisted Science

Villager: Cobb

Cobb the jock zombie pig was originally in the GameCube Version. When he was dropped in Wild World, the Mad Scientist’s Theme was added. It’s pretty weird that a GameCube villager that never was in the same game as a Wild World theme would want a client vision of a Wild World-introduced theme. But to be fair, this was Cobb’s theme in New Leaf, and his original vision was a lab. I appeared to get what he wants, twice. Now his house is an even bigger lab than before, and it was enough to add more items.

Sci-Fi B1

Sci-Fi B2

Sci-Fi B3

Sci-Fi B4

Sci-Fi B5


Villager: Ribbot

Ribbot is the second villager in the Theme of the Week series to have a house with robot furniture. However, Ribbot was even more robotic. As a robot frog, I decorated his house with lots of robot furniture. Ribbot even suggested this as his original client vision. And the two giant robots – those were from the HHN challenges, from Challenge #2.

Sci-Fi C1

Sci-Fi C2

Sci-Fi C3

Sci-Fi C4

Sci-Fi C5

Astro Home

Villager: Kody

It looks like a dream house over a sea cliff, but this is just another basic house. The uniqueness is a sci-fi themed kitchen. Since the furniture from this series is so small, I threw in aurora screens, spaceship furniture, and duplicates of the furniture. It just ultimately didn’t look like a good home because of the large room and small furniture.

Sci-Fi D1

Sci-Fi D2

Sci-Fi D3

Sci-Fi D4

Sci-Fi D5

Lunar Museum

Villager: Biff

The Space Theme was the only complete Sci-Fi theme to appear in all versions, and the first complete Sci-Fi theme to appear in the entire series. So I saved room for this furniture series as I throw in the Sci-Fi theme. But this one is rather realistic than just stuff you see in a Sci-Fi series such as Star Wars, Star Trek, or anything of that matter. This landscape was a moon filled with astronomical and space exploration furniture. Compared to the other sci-fi furniture, this definitely shows how far behind we really are. The Millennium Falcon can pass 10 to 14 lightyears in one hour. Not even one spaceship went beyond the Earth’s orbit in reality. Many characters in Star Wars and Star Trek were outer space almost the whole time. Only 24 people were able to go beyond the Earth’s lower orbit, and that was many years ago. So we’re still not caught up, but I don’t want to exclude this furniture theme.

Sci-Fi E1

Sci-Fi E2

Sci-Fi E3

Sci-Fi E4

Sci-Fi E5

And that’s it for this week. When Star Wars Episode VII comes out tomorrow, I hope you enjoy the movie. May the force be with you!


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