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Nintendo Department Store

Remember back when I said that I updated my department store to a Nintendo store? Today is the day I will show the pictures I took of it. This time, there are 16 pictures, just to show every angle of the store. The Halloween Department Store you know mostly about is now obsolete. You can still see it through the Spin-off Blog, but I have removed it from the facility designs.

Ever since the Nintendo DLC came out, I went full on crazy with it. The office, which was the last un-updated project, has been updated to resemble a Nintendo office. I used the Wii U as a console associated with the Flat-Screen TV. But the biggest example of this – is the department store I made. The lobby is a showcase of some Nintendo elements (such as Super Mario Bros icons and Legend of Zelda icons). Then I had two stores. One was all Wii U games and components, and the other was all 3DS games and components. The dining hall is slightly altered from the Halloween Department Store’s dining hall, but it’s still different.


Nintendo Store 1
The front doors to each shop.
Nintendo Store 2
The front counter of the store. Check out those Mario coins!
Nintendo Store 3
The front entrance to the department store.
Nintendo Store 4
The back of the lobby. Here are the Zelda elements.
Nintendo Store 5
The Wii U Store. Four Wii Us are for sale.
Nintendo Store 6
The back of the Wii U store, where Wii U games are sold.
Nintendo Store 7
And amiibos too.
Nintendo Store 8
At the front, U can make your Wii U purchase and check out the sample game.
Nintendo Store 9
The 3DS Store, where 3DS units and games are sold.
Nintendo Store 10
And check out that Mario Kart decoration in the center.
Nintendo Store 11
The front of the 3DS store, where samples and purchases can be done.
Nintendo Store 12
An overview of the 3DS store.
Nintendo Store 13
Once you’re done shopping, you can order something to eat.
Nintendo Store 14
But don’t eat the doughnuts.
Nintendo Store 15
Because you do want to save room for the food you ordered.
Nintendo Store 16
A top view of all the dining tables in the Dining Hall.

And that’s all for the facility designs. In case if I need to continue updating, I’ll probably post new pictures, but that’s enough for now.


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