Happy Home Designer

Theme of the Week: A Christmas Tale

Last week’s theme was about science fiction due to the Star Wars movie coming out. I’m not going to post any spoilers, but this movie was extremely successful. In one week, it broke the $500 million barrier in sales. Judging by its critical success, it has a chance to beat Avatar’s worldwide gross, and even Gone with the Wind’s inflated gross. If it does, not only The Force Awakens will be the highest grossing movie of all time (adjusted or unadjusted for inflation), but it will also make Star Wars the highest grossing movie franchise of all time (dethroning Harry Potter, which holds that record). Whether or not it does go this far, Gone with the Wind still held the record for a very long time.

But we’re done talking about that. Now, it’s time to start a new theme. Prior to last week’s theme, I was focusing more on the aspects of Christmas this month. First, it was about toys. Then, it was about sweets. Since Christmas Day is going to be this week, I decided to make this week’s theme focus on Christmas in general. I did the same for Halloween and Thanksgivings, so I don’t want to exclude Christmas.

Winter is an amazing season filled with multiple themes. It even has more themes than the other seasons. It ranges from Christmas to the generic theme of winter to the winter carnival and to Valentine’s. And Christmas can be divided into many aspects, including the season it represents, the holiday itself, the sweets, and the toys. And today is the first day of winter. You will see more winter themes in the future, but for now, it’s about the most recognized holiday of the season – Christmas.

Like always, I will post 60 pictures of what I decorated. I promise that they will be in season like they always should. The facilities are going to solely focus on the Christmas aspects. But the villager homes are going to be mixed, as long as they have at least some of the Jingle and Toy Day elements.


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