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TotW Facilities: A Christmas Tale

I may be way too late for this, but it’s still winter. Early in the winter to be exact. So Christmas is over, and so is Theme of the Week. However, I do have some pictures to share from last Christmas. The truth is that I was busy playing other video games I got for Christmas (especially Mario Kart 8). Not only that, but I’m also writing pages for a new feature for this site that you may enjoy reading. With a whole bunch of stuff on my hands, I haven’t got time to post a new blog entry. Plus, I decided that there’s no more Theme of the Week after this and the villager entry. I hope you enjoyed the Theme of the Week Series. However, there’s a lot more pictures to share in the future, so I hope you enjoy what I have now.

During last Christmas, I decorated the same five facilities I normally change for the new themes, as well as the villager houses.

A Tale of Two Christmas Carols

Like every week, the school has two rooms decorated differently (or similarly). This time, the two rooms are decorated to show two different aspects of Christmas. One of them is more Jingle and Jolly, but the other is filled with snowmen. If you want to know which subjects are taught, the more Christmas-esque room is a cooking class, where you make baked Christmas foods. The snowman room is an art class, where you make snowman crafts.


Christmas School 1

Christmas School 2

Christmas Cooking Class:

Christmas School 3

Christmas School 4

Christmas School 5

Christmas School 6

Snowman Craft Class:

Christmas School 7

Christmas School 8

Christmas School 9

Christmas School 10

Decoration Boutique

The upper shop was converted to a decoration shop that sells toys and other ornaments to having a holiday-themed room. Back during the week of Halloween, it was a Halloween decoration store. Now it’s a Christmas shop (actually not anymore since this series is now over).

Christmas Store 1

Christmas Store 2

Christmas Store 3

Christmas Store 4

Christmas Store 5

Jingle Furniture Galore

Just like the Halloween and Thanksgivings weeks, the lower store is a furniture store that sells an entire furniture series. So it’s nothing different, except for the ceiling light frame colors. The colors of the lights resemble Christmas colors (red, green, and white).

Christmas Shop 1

Christmas Shop 2

Christmas Shop 3

Christmas Shop 4

Christmas Shop 5

Holiday Café

I decorated it as if it was a regular old café with Jingle furniture and the same light pattern from the lower shop. Just like last week’e Café, this one was a bit unique. I placed a Christmas tree with presents as one of the decorative items in this eatery.

Christmas Café 1

Christmas Café 2

Christmas Café 3

Christmas Café 4

Christmas Café 5

Christmas Vacation Spot

The last facility I will ever present here is the hotel that followed thr Christmas spirit. Just like the Desert week and Sci-fi week, I made a long front desk with a few seats nearby. The hotel rooms have their own tables, their own beds, and even their own Christmas trees. The banquet hall is where Christmas parties are held, where everyone can listen to music played on the church organ.

Christmas Hotel 1

Christmas Hotel 2

Christmas Hotel 3

Christmas Hotel 4

Christmas Hotel 5

Christmas Hotel 6

Christmas Hotel 7

Christmas Hotel 8

Christmas Hotel 9

Christmas Hotel 10

And that’s all of the facility pictures I will show, which you’ll never see anymore. In a few hours, you’ll see the villager pics of the week.


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