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TotW Villagers: A Christmas Tale

Sorry for the delay, but you’re here to see the finale of the Theme of the Week series. I had fun sharing these pictues, but in recent times, it became a chore. The five villagers I decorated for are Erik, Muffy, Fang, Puddles, and Zell. Andrea is in her primary outfit once again. Each of these villagers either have houses that follow the aspects of Christmas or just regular houses decorated for Christmas.

Jingle House

Villager: Erik

Since Jingle the reindeer isn’t available yet, I picked the closest villager to him, Erik. The ceiling lights are in Christmas colors, the furniture is the  Jingle Series, and holiday stockings are hanging on the wall.

Christmas A1

Christmas A2

Christmas A3

Christmas A4

Christmas A5

House of Christmas Past

Villager: Muffy

I decided to make regular old houses with Christmas decorations for the rest of the houses. Muffy the Uchi sheep requested a house with Rococo furniture. As a result, I decorated her house to resemble a Victorian Era Christmas, when we didn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing, or gas. Christmas back then wasn’t all about opening presents, but the poor were given what they need. It’s about getting around with your family.

Christmas B1

Christmas B2

Christmas B3

Christmas B4

Christmas B5

House of Christmas Present

Villager: Fang

Fast forward to today, Christmas has become commercialized rather than a traditional holiday like it should been. People think it’s all about opening presents, decorating trees, and celebrating Christmas parties. I decorated this house like a regular old house we see nowadays, and added a few spirit to it.

Christmas C1

Christmas C2

Christmas C3

Christmas C4

Christmas C5

House of Christmas Yet to Come

Villager: Puddles

The last theme was on Science Fiction, including futuristic buildings. This one is a late entry to the Sci-Fi theme. The “yet to come” in this text refers to a futuristic Christmas with advanced technology. So what will Christmas be like? Can Christmas trees be huge holograms? Is Santa going to fly a jet instead of a reindeer powered sleigh? Do you need to press a button to open presents? Or will there be no Christmas? We may never know, but one thing I can say is that Christmas now is that Christmas lights now come in LED varieties.

Christmas D1

Christmas D2

Christmas D3

Christmas D4

Christmas D5

A Snowy Christmas

Villager: Zell

The last house uses a generic winter theme called the Snowman Series. Most of the time, Christmas is a snowy holiday. While some people like going out to play in the snow, others prefer to stay home.

Christmas E1

Christmas E2

Christmas E3

Christmas E4

Christmas E5

And that’s all. I’ll still show more pictures of my work in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, but that’s it for Theme of the Week. In addition, I’ll have a special feature I’m currently working on.


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