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Idea Book is now open

January has been a really silent month for this blog. If anything, the main reason why I didn’t blog much was because of a project I was working on for this site. This is known as the Idea Book, a 30-page section you can access here.

All 30 chapters have my game ideas for Animal Crossing’s next game. A couple of them were paying homage to Happy Home Designer, as there’s plenty that focus on improving New Leaf’s features. Some of these ideas (such as choosing where animals live or incorporating Happy Home Designer’s interior design features) are really popular as many suggest it, but others (like the achievement system having associated prizes and catalogs having sorting and filtering) are ideas I just came up with. I have to say, a lot of my ideas are good ideas, but some of them may be bad ideas. As you read my Idea Book, you’re not really going to like the one on ghosts or the whole Traditional Mode thing, but you would like my Mini-Projects Ideas.

It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of these ideas I already posted on Bell Tree before, as well as my blog on Town of StarFall. But the ideas you read are up to date.

Anyhow, here is an outline of what my Idea Book is like:

  • Every part has four chapters each, except for Part 3, which has six chapters.
  • Part I – these four chapters aren’t necessarily on game ideas, but are about some interesting information.
    • The first chapter is a full list of ideas I have for the next game.
    • The second chapter is a rehash about one of last November’s debates, but only about Animal Crossing in general.
    • The third chapter is wrapping up with the problems I had with New Leaf. I also went over stuff I do not want to see next game.
    • The fourth chapter is an overall summary of Traditional Mode I have at the end of each chapter.
  • Part II – this is when you start reading what game ideas I have. All of these chapters are related to town creation and town set-up, as well as making them more unique, creating a diversity of towns.
  • Part III – easily the longest part of the Idea Book, these ideas are on mayoral features, which includes more PWPs and new options.
  • Part IV – inspired by Happy Home Designer’s Main Street facilities, I came up with a few chapters about management.
  • Part V – these chapters are on improvements to interior design and character customization. In addition, I came up with more items.
  • Part VI – these ideas are related to Main Street attractions and other major ones.
  • Part VII – the rest of my game ideas are seen here.

My goal isn’t to direct Nintendo and tell them what to do, but rather to get more attention and show fans what I was expecting to see in the next game. But it would be convenient if Nintendo saw these ideas and took them into consideration. Granted, not all of them would be feasible, even for the most popular ideas. Above all, I’m interested to showing AC fans what I had in mind for Animal Crossing.

By the way, comments are open. You are free to post what you want there, including your opinions on my ideas. I love receiving comments on my blogs or pages. You are also free to criticize my ideas if you didn’t like them. However, flames are not acceptable, and if you are being mean or rude to me (ie bringing up any past conflict on Bell Tree), then I will delete the comments. I do not want to see any negativity towards me. Saying that one idea sucks is just fine, but insulting me in general is not. Last year, some rude member on Bell Tree harassed me on my fansite (Town of StarFall) and posted hate-filled comments that imply that I should stop blogging altogether, and it was on a blog entry on a game idea. I don’t know what’s wrong with that person, and I don’t know who he/she is, but I will not tolerate those kind of comments.

I hope you enjoy reading those ideas. At the same time, I’m returning to blogging.


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