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How Animal Crossing changed my life

Other than making fictional characters that I eventually develop a crush on (there are people who do that) and making fanfics of them, Animal Crossing has changed my life since the GameCube Version. In some ways, it may be AC related, but it did more than just that.

It’s actually natural that people get obsessed over something they develop interest to, then let it die down. But then they may get interested to it again. I’m actually the same way with Animal Crossing. But even around times I have no interest to it, I am not completely free from it. Ever since I first played it in 2003 (when I was 10), I’ve been big into this series. And it has changed my life in many areas.

This list shows 10 ways how it impacted my life before New Leaf came out.

  1. It has inspired my creativity – before Animal Crossing came out, the most creative I could get is through playing with Bionicles (which was also big around that time). After playing Animal Crossing (as well as Roller Coaster Tycoon), it lead me to being more creative, not to mention, but more fascinated to design. When I was younger, I could care about art less. Now I get the idea when it comes to design, as I was playing tycoon games solely to design projects rather than learn about business. In the tenth grade, I took Interior Design class for both semesters and learned more about it, which exposed me to even more interesting subjects like color properties and color schemes. In 2009, I started playing Little Big Planet, which was about designing levels and publishing them. I even made some cool ones in 2012 and 2013, as this inspired me to make video games. How creative could I get if I never played Animal Crossing?
  2. I named a few plushes and items after Animal Crossing characters – in the same year I started playing it, I got a sea turtle plush at a store. I named her Nook, solely to name her after Tom Nook, not just a random name. I also had another plush turtle, and named her Sally (based on Sally the squirrel in the GC Version). It also taught me names I never learned before I played AC:GC (such as Phyllis, Pelly, Ava, Aurora, Sven, Marcy, Savannah, Mable, and even Oxford). I can totally bet if I had another pet apple, I could name her Andrea (my character in HHD) if she didn’t have a name (the last three apples I adopted already had names before I got them). And yes, I do have a whole bunch of wooden or plastic apples I call my “pet apples”.
  3. I made even more friends in school – I can be a friendly person, but I became closer friends to those who played Animal Crossing. As I brought up Animal Crossing at school, more people joined me as they talked about AC. We used to talk about Animal Crossing all the time. My friendliness attitude made even more friends as I got older. Amazingly, most of my AC friends were male when AC was targeted towards females. It used to be a game where male players dominates the fanbase. Now females have taken it over.
  4. I see meanings in different times of the day – back in my first year of Animal Crossing, I heard background music several times, as it changed every hour. Since the background music changed each hour, it gave me a sense to tell what each hours mean, like how 7:00 PM meant it was depressing, 4:00 AM was the scary hour, and how 1:00 PM was a nice wonderful time to stay up. I even think of the hourly musics every time a certain hour comes. This hasn’t changed in New Leaf either. Other than my fear of wild animals outside, I’ve been discouraged from leaving the house after 12:00 AM, but before 6:00 AM, especially at 1:00 AM. And that’s all because of Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s hourly music. Even at 11:00 PM, I feel scared to be awake by because of ACNL’s 11PM music.
  5. I developed huge interest into the subjects of seasons – before the 5th grade, I cared less about the seasons of the year, but I still liked calendars and holidays. Now the whole seasonal subject interested me greatly after obsessively playing Animal Crossing. When I was young, I lived in Texas (where we don’t get seasons). In Texas, we only have winter or summer, and it’s temperature-based, not time-based. We can have our winter in the mid-spring, but we can also have our summer in January. But Animal Crossing shown me winter, spring, summer, fall, and the changes between the seasons. I liked seeing how the snow melts, exposing green grass in February or seeing how the grass changes colors in the fall. Since then, I’ve been more interested to different themes based on season. It even made me pick my favorite season. Fall is that season.
  6. I enjoyed seeing different themes more – after playing Animal Crossing (and Roller Coaster Tycoon), I’ve seen more meaning in each theme. I enjoy talking about them, how each item relates to each theme, and see differences with each theme. I enjoy Sci-Fi themes the best, which includes the glow theme, space theme, and future theme.
  7. Sea basses are a superstition to me – even if sea basses aren’t that bad in real life, just thinking about sea basses remind me of Animal Crossing and how annoying they were. In Wild World, when I saw the pun “not again”, it made me think that I’m not the only one who hates them. I bet if I ate sea bass for the first time, my reaction would be “this tastes cheap”, referencing the sea basses’ low price.
  8. I’ve been liking squirrels more – aside to Sandy from Spongebob, squirrels became a huge animal of interest after playing Animal Crossing. I liked how each squirrel in AC have huge heads and small bodies (along with their tails). Granted, my favorite animals are mostly birds, but I liked squirrels more because of Animal Crossing.
  9. I hum or sing K.K. Slider songs occassionally – even if I’m not interestd to Animal Crossing at the minute. Yep, even Animal Crossing made musical inspirations.
  10. I enjoy reading FAQs on GameFAQs – during the Wild World era, I used to read FAQs a lot, just to see all of the detail each writer out in, as well as ASCII art. I even written some guides for GameFAQs, and they were on Animal Crossing too.

All of that was true because of AC. New Leaf changed my life in some ways too, but not as significantly. Yeah, it got me into sharing photos online more often, as well as joining online AC communities, but that’s pretty much it.


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